• Sixth Grade Science


    Welcome to sixth grade science! This year we will be learning about chemistry, space, the environment and the impact humans have on the environment. We will be working hands-on most of the time to create models and conduct experimants.

    We will learn and grow and develop scientific minds. We will work hard and have LOTS of FUN! By the end of the year you will know how to set up an experiment, write a lab report, and formulate endless questions to investigate! 


    Class expectations:

    I have high expectations, not just for your learning, but for your behavior as well.

    • Entrance and Exit Questions should be done silently. I expect that you will be working independently during this time, and not socializing.
    • Board = Paper. I don’t put things on the board for my health, I do it so you will have the information to help you later.
    • Stay with your lab group. Lab safety is critical. That means no wandering around the room.
    • Follow directions the first time. When I ask you to do something, do it. When I give an instruction, follow it. This means you are always listening.
    • No complaining! If something is hard, try harder; if it is a lot of work, great! More practice!
    • You CAN do it! Whatever it is, I would not be asking you to do it, if I wasn’t sure you were capable.
    • School is your job. I expect that you will pay attention, ask productive questions, and make sure you get your work done (and done right).


    Helpful Hints & Reminders

    If you need supplies, more time, extra credit, or help; ASK! I will do what I can to accommodate you.