• Orchestra Instruction  2022-2023 School Year

    String instrument classes with Mrs. Foreman will be offered to all interested 4th/5th Grade students. New students will participate in Beginning Class and second-year students will participate in Continuing Class.  Beginners can choose to study violin (smaller, melody instrument) or cello (larger, lower-pitched instrument). At some schools, viola (mid-voiced instrument) is also an option.


    Students provide their own instrument (available for rent from local music stores) or can borrow one from school if necessary, although schools have a limited supply. Care must be taken when purchasing an instrument online as many sub-standard models are offered for sale. These often have poor sound quality and do not stay in tune, frustrating the new student. Be sure to contact a reputable manufacturer to avoid this problem. It is also important that the violin is correctly sized for the student, as they come in 1/4, 1/2, and full sizes. Local music vendors are very knowledgeable and helpful regarding instrument selection. Arm measurement charts to assist with correctly sizing instruments can be found online.

    Other materials needed for string study are: a metal, folding music stand, rosin to prepare the bow, and our method book:  Essential Elements for Strings, Book 1 (Be sure to purchase the book for the correct instrument--violin, viola or cello). All items are available online or from local music stores.


    Weekly class meetings will typically be scheduled before and after school, although some class meetings will occur during the school day. Class times for each school will be available by September 1. 

    Class Expectations

    Students are expected to make a one-year commitment to Orchestra class, particularly if they are issued a school instrument. Home practice is essential for student progress in this class. 15 minutes per day, five days a week, is recommended. Encourage your student to play for you at home and set aside a quiet area where he/she can practice. Attendance at each class meeting is required; if your child must be absent please be sure to notify me as to the reason.

    Please feel free to contact Mrs. Foreman if you have any questions regarding Orchestra Class.


    If your student is interested in Orchestra please fill out and return the Registration Form below to Mrs. Foreman



     Visit this site to learn more about being part of the orchestra