Learning Resource Class (LRC) or study skills – 7th and 8th grades

    Objective: To assist students with development of organizational skills and study habits which are necessary for success in high school, college and the work place. To help students in becoming a strong self-advocate through use of self-reflection to monitor and improve their grades in all content area classes.

     Routines & Expectations


    Mini lesson: Based on AVID strategies

    Class/Independent Work

    • Identify work from other classes you will complete.
    • Confer with teacher and log into your agenda.
    • If no work needed you are expected to work on the Mathia computer programs or read.


    1. Binder check on Friday
    2. Randum Agenda checks
    3. Goal setting/ learning logs weekly on Friday
    4. Grade tracker due on Friday (teachers have expectation for which day they will complete the grade tracker) with student calculated GPA


    Grade Tracker = 50%

    Class/independent work = 40%

    Participation= 10%


    ELA Grade 7:

    Objective: To develop independent critical thinking skills in the areas of reading and written language. Students will use reading skills to access a wide variety of grade level materials in all genres and apply new knowledge to various situations verbally and through written expression.

    • At the bell: Copy class work and home work assignments into your planner
    • Silent Reading (10 minutes)
    • DOL / DOL Quiz (Fridays)
    • Mini lesson: reading/writing
    • Class/Independent Work:
    • Centers- collaborative work


     All student are to read 30 minutes per night and complete the intervoice worksheet at least 4 times per week.  This is to reflect their thoughts as they read.

    Usually on Tuesday an additional written language assignment will be given and is due on Friday of that week.