• Online At Home Learning

    Due to school being closed until the end of the school year, I have added some online links to help keep you on track at home.  Click on the Web Resources link on my homepage to access these sites.  If you need login information, please email or call me at your convenience.

    Classroom Expectations

    Your child can expect approximately 20-30 minutes of homework per night, Monday thru Thursday. The homework generally consists of 1-2 math pages and at least 20 minutes of "free reading" per night.  The math homework will come home in a folder each night.  In addition to their homework, this folder also contains many important announcements from the school, so please check it nightly.  This folder should also be returned daily.  "Free reading" may consist of your child reading a book of their choice which is written at their reading level, or being read to by an adult or sibling.  In my opinion, this is the single most important activity your child can do to increase their academic success.  Although there will be nothing to turn in to prove that this reading is taking place, I must assume that it is happening on a nightly basis.


    Second Grade Classroom Management Plan

    "Character is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching"


     Code of Conduct:

    I will be trustworthy

    I will be respectful

    I will be responsible

    I will be fair

    I will be caring

    I will be a good citizen


     If you choose to break the code of conduct (Consequences):

    Blue:         -Outstanding Day

                     -Students receives a Cougar Pride

    Orange:    -Great Day

    Green:      -Good Day

    Yellow:     -Warning

    Red:         -Student will miss recess

                    -Re-thinking letter will be completed by student

                    -Signed letter must be returned the following day

     Black:     -Immediately removed from classroom

                    -Re-thinking letter will be completed by student

                    -Phone call home to explain misbehavior

                    -Signed letter must be returned the following day