In order for the teacher to teach and all to learn and develop into well rounded citizens these rules will be followed in the classroom:

    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    3. Be positive and respectful in your speech and actions.

    • Each child should enter the classroom ready to start the day with completed homework and all necessary materials in their backpack.
    • Each child is required to follow classroom rules without complaint.
    • Students must be silent and walk in the hallway everyday.
    • Desks should be kept neat and organized.
    • The students will need to check if they have a classroom job for that day and make sure that, if they do, that the job is completed properly.
    • The floor must be kept free from all materials (we have 30 desks/tables, so it is a safety issue to kept the floor clear!).
    • Any classroom work not finished in the allotted time becomes the child's responsibility and must be worked on during free time. If the child does not have time to complete the work during the day, then it becomes homework.
    • Planners need to be filled out daily before the student leaves.


    These books are used as a means of communication as to what students are doing each day, student organization, and homework. The assignment board in the classroom will be posted each day. It is the student's responsibility to copy the assignment board before they leave. If a student does not complete his/her homework on a regular basis, I will need the assignment book signed each night by a parent.