• Welcome to Mrs.Hamrick's 1st Grade!


    First graders will be growing tremedously this year! They will take charge of their learning in the classroom and become fluent readers and mathematicans. To ensure a successful year please review the following rules and expectations for your child.

    Weekly Specials

    Monday: Computers

    Tuesday: Library (books are due back every Tuesday)

    Wednesday: Art

    Thursday: P.E. (students MUST wear close-toed shoes)

    Friday: Music

    Class Rules

    1. Walk in the classroom and hallways
    2. Use an inside voice in the classroom at all times
    3. Keep your hands (body) to yourself
    4. Be a good friend
    5. When the teacher (or someone else) is speaking: be a respectful listener
    6. Follow Directions
    7. Always try your best!


    In our class we will be using a colored clip chart to monitor our behavior. Students will start on green everyday and move their clips up and down the chart based on their choices in behavior.

    Every day your student will be keeping track of what color they were on by coloring in their behavior calendar. This calendar will be sent home on Fridays for parents to review.


    Homework for the entire week will be sent home in the red Tuesday Take Home folder on Tuesday to be returned by Friday.

    Homework will usually include:

    - A spelling list to practice for spelling test on Friday.

    - A packet of word work to work on phonics/sight word/writing skills of the week.

    - A packet of math worksheets based on our math lessons each day.

    This homework is to be completed independently by your student with some support when/if needed.

    Also, please encourage your child to read for 20 mins each day! This helps build fluent readers!