• WELCOME to the CCSC Primary (K-2nd) classroom also known as the Sunshine Room! My name is Kim Moran and I am immensely grateful to be your child’s teacher this year. Some of your children are returning to us and others are brand new. We are ready to gain new skills and experiences with one another this year. An essential part of our classroom are the two instructional assistants, Aurora Zestcott and Sandy French. The three of us are committed to providing a safe and engaging learning environment for every child we teach.

    School begins everyday at 7:43AM and ends at 2:25PM except for Thursdays, when we have early out at 12:35PM. Students can learn effectively when they are actively engaged in the subjects they are learning, so our classroom will be structured with hands-on activities in reading, math and writing while also offering open child centered choices throughout the day. Because every child is unique, we believe that being conventional will not reach all of their potentials. We are committed to being an advocate of diversity and will do our best to provide a variety of ways to accommodate each child needs.

    We are strong believers that self-confidence, communication tools, and an understanding of community are vital to a child’s education and overall development. Here are the classroom rules to encourage a positive and enlightening environment:

    • We are RESPECTFUL
    • We use our words (with our voice and/or signing)
    • We are kind and SAFE

    To encourage constructive behavioral choices, we use an incentive system that will allow us to catch a student making positive choices. Stars are given for any positive behavior choice and for demonstrating one or more of Holaway’s four R’s of our Coyote Code-RESPECT, RESILIENCE, RESPONSIBILITY, READINESS.

    Additionally, we want to emphasize how vital it is to have home and school be a cohesive team. Please encourage your child and provide as much support as possible with all that they will be learning this year. Powerful ways to support them are to bring your child to school on time everyday as well as read with your child at home. Communication is extremely important; therefore we encourage you to ask your child about their day and invite you to call or e-mail us. If you would like to have a home/school communication book, we are happy to keep one going as long as you are committed to reading and communicating with it as well.

    Please feel free to utilize the contact information provided on this page if you have any questions or comments. THANK YOU for your support and effort in ensuring your child’s experience is all that it can be here at Holaway Elementary School!