• Academic Goals for Kindergartners by the end of the year:

    • Being able to identify all letters and sounds
    • Being able to apply letter/sound knowledge in reading and writing
    • Being able to independently write 2-3 sentences on a topic
    • Being able to read 75-100 sight words
    • Being able to decode CVC words
    • Being able to retell a story with details (beginning, middle, and end)
    • Being able to identify characters, setting, and plot
    • Being able to correctly solve addition facts within the sum of 5
    • Being able to correctly solve subtraction facts within the sum of 5
    • Being able to count to 100 by 1's, 10's, and 5's independently
    • Being able to solve simple word problems in addition
    • Being able to identify numerals 0-20
    • Being able to understand  place value with 1's and 10's

    Social Goals for Kindergartners by the end of the year:

    • Being able to follow a 3 step direction without reminders
    • Being an active listener and participant in all activities
    • Being able to interact appropriately with peers and adults


    Class Expectations/Rules:

    • Actively watch, listen, and participate in all classroom activities/lessons.  Be ready to learn.
    • Keep your body to yourself
    • Respect all adults and peers


    Helpful Hints/Reminders:

    • Attend school every day ready to learn. When students miss school, they do not receive valuable instruction from the teacher about the lesson.
    • Complete and return homework given in a timely manner
    • Return weekly progress reports


    Other Pertinent Class Information:

    Email: juruiz@amphi.com

    Phone: 520-696-6904