• Welcome to 2nd grade!


    Attendance is extremely important. When students miss out on school days they miss out on important concepts that they need to succeed in second grade and beyond. It is also imperative students stay the whole day to have the fluid, quality learning needed beyond second grade. Please make sure students arrive before 7:45 and stay until dismissal. All changes need to be reported to the office no later than 2:00 p.m. Late arrival and early departure disrupts the learning environment of all students and results in the loss of valuable learning time.

    Our Classroom

    In Room 29, there are plenty of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators:

    • Stones: Every Monday, students receive 3 “Stones” which are used like money. Students can choose to spend these by using the restroom or grabbing a drink during class. The only no go times are during direct instruction - because this is valuable learning time. Students can earn acorns throughout the day by making good choices, answering questions, and helping others. The more you have, the more you can spend at our class store.
    • Smart Mints: Peppermints are Brain Food! Aside from stimulating your alertness, peppermint can stimulate your brain in additional ways, including boost your mood. Great answers earn a Smart Mint!
    • Brain Kisses: Kiss your brain with a Hershey's Kiss when you make great learning choices.
    • Mindfulness: A great way to recenter, refocus, or regulate emotions is to use a little bit of mindfulness. From Rainbow breath, 5-finger breath, all the way to Sleeping Tortoise, there are plenty of strategies used in our room. 

    Snacks: Students may choose to eat a snack during recess time. Snacks may be items left from breakfast, brought from home, or donated to the entire class to share. If you would like to donate snacks, please consider healthy foods for us to share: Trail Mix, fruit snacks, pretzels, popcorn, and power/fiber bars are always welcomed. Think healthy and small!

    Homework Policies

    Students will have homework Monday through Thursday night. This consists of mandatory reading every night with a log to complete. We also send home spelling words to practice our phonics pattern for the week and a math sheet each night - these are optional.