Class Expectations and Procedures

    Bobcat Town

    Students earn money based on behavior, attendance, academic excellence, and citizenship.  Students pay rent and utilities monthly.  Students will have an opportunity to spend the money that they have earned throughout the year at the Bobcat Market.  The market will be held three times a year.

    Responsibility Plan

    Our plan this year is reinforced through our Bobcat Town Program.  Students will be awarded by following the Harelson Code of Conduct and fined if the rules are not followed.

    1st fine: Warning

    2nd fine: $20.00 Bobcat Bucks

    3rd fine:  Parent Contact

    Serious infractions that fall outside of our Bobcat Buck system will be dealt with separately.


    Harelson Schedule
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:25-2:55

    Wednesday: 8:25-1:15 (early out every Wednesday)

    Lunch: 11:50-12:30


    Fifth Grade Daily Schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)

    8:20 First Bell

    8:25 Check-in

    8:30 Literacy

    9:20 Recess

    9:30 Mathematics

    11:00 Specialists

    11:50 Lunch

    12:30 Literacy

    1:30 Science/Social Studies

    2:15 Enrichment/Reteach

    2:55 Dismissal


    Fifth Grade Daily Schedule - Wednesday (Early Out)

    8:20 First bell

    8:25 Check-in

    8:30 Current Events/Time for Kids

    8:55 Math

    10:00 Literacy

    11:00 Art

    11:50 Lunch

    12:30 Time for Kids Continued

    1:15 Dismissal


    Class Expectations

    Click on the link to learn about fifth grade.


    Frequntly Asked Questions

    Q:  How can I stay up to date on what is going on in our classroom?

    A:  Take a peek at your child's student agenda, review your child's Tuesday packet, read the Tuesday packet letter weekly.  It will be included in the Tuesday packet.

    Q:  What is the best way to contact me?

    A: Email

    Q:  How will I know about my child's classroom behavior?

    A: I will either email or call you with positive or negative information on your child's classroom behavior. I will also write notes in your child's weekly agenda. 

    Q:  What are Bobcat Bucks?

    A:  Bobcat Bucks are the currency that we use in our fifth grade Bobcat Town. Bobcat Town is a system that we use in fifth grade to teach responsibility, economics, and citizenship.  This will be in conjunction with our new program, Junior Achievement.

    Q: Should parents sign thier child's agenda?

    A:  Yes, please.  Students will write in thier agenda everyday and parents should then sign the agenda everyday.  I will check the agendas during morning check in and stamp each agenda that is complete.  Students will earn $5.00 Bobcat Bucks for following this plan.  This is an easy way to keep students, parents, and me in the loop.