• As a district all elementary schools follow the same Reading and Math curriculum.  We teach the Scott Foresman Reading Street Series and the McGraw Hill Math program.  We have weekly science and social studies units that sometimes extend to two weeks.  Students participate in center work four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Centers include Science/Social Studies, Math, Listening and Reading.  Parent volunteers are needed for centers and for grading. 

    Communication: I have a weekly blog that is accessible on this web page link: www.msolsonclassnews@blogspot.com.  This is not hyperlinked so please copy and paste the address into your browser. In addition, a weekly email is sent to you to communicate any information that is for our classroom.

    Homework:   Students are expected to read 15-20 minutes each night. Parents assist their child in completing a nightly reading log that is due at the end of each month.  In addition, students will have spelling homework two nights a week and generally have math homework four days a night.

    Classroom rules: 

    1.  Be safe

    2.  Be respectful

    3.  Be responsible

    4.  Be kind

    Students earn blue bucks for following our classroom procedures and for following our classroom rules.  The majority of Friday afternoons, students trade in their blue bucks for the treasure chest.  Students turn in "20 bucks" for a treasure.  Table groups also earn daily table points for following directions.  The daily table winner earns seat cushions for the day.  We have two sets of cushions so it is possible for two tables to earn the seats.