• Class Expectations and Procedures

    Bobcat Town

    Students earn money based on behavior, attendance, academic excellence, and citizenship.  Students pay rent and utilities monthly.  Students will have an opportunity to spend the money that they have earned throughout the year at the Bobcat Market.  The market will be held three times a year.

    Responsibility Plan

    Our plan this year is reinforced through our Bobcat Town Program.  Students will be awarded by following the Harelson Code of Conduct and fined if the rules are not followed.

    1st fine: Warning

    2nd fine: Missed Recess

    3rd fine:  Parent Contact

    Serious infractions that fall outside of our Bobcat Buck system will be dealt with separately.

    Room Schedule

    8:20 First Bell

    8:25 Check-in

    8:30 Science/Social Studies

    9:20 Recess

    9:40 Math Block

    11:05 Specialists

    12:00 Lunch

    12:40 Literacy Block

    2:55 Dismissal

    Specialist Schedule

    Monday - PE

    Tuesday - Art

    Wednesday - Library

    Thursday - Computer Lab

    Friday - Music



    LANGUAGE ARTS (Spelling, Silent Reading, Daily Reading, Quarterly Book Projects, Novel Studies, Weekly Writing Prompts, Paragraph Editing, Daily Homework, Research and Presentation Assignments, Daily Language Review)

    MATH (Math Minute, Daily Math Facts, Problem Solving Daily Lessons, Vocabulary, Hands-on Activities, Daily Homework)

    SOCIAL STUDIES (States and Capitals, Colonies, Revolution, Westward Expansion, Economics, Citizenship)

    SCIENCE (Biomes, Human Body, Space)


    Field Trips

    Triangel Y Camp

    Junior Achievement Biztown


    Homework and Graded Assignments

    Students will have approximately 50 minutes of homework a night.  All homework assignments will be written in the student's agenda.  Students are also expected to read 30 minutes per night.  Graded projects are expected to be turned in on time.  Any projects turned in late will be lowered by, at least, one grade.



    Students will record all of their homework assignments and school activities in their agenda.  The agenda should be signed by a parent every night.  Graded work, school information, and a parent newsletter will be sent home in an envelope every Tuesday.