• Introducion to my class:

    Welcome to Physical Education at Cross. Our goal is for students to participate in a variety of activities, with a focus on building skills and gaining knowledge for lifelong fitness.

    Introducion to Class Expectations:          

    The following class rules will guide you to have a successful year in PE:

    Dressing out – 10 points daily.

     PE uniforms are required. Shirts must be tucked in, shorts worn correctly.

     Athletic/tennis shoes must be worn and are to be tied snugly.         

    No jewelry or wrist bands are allowed except stud type earrings or medical ID.    

     Baseball type caps are allowed but must be worn correctly. Sunscreen is advised. 

     In cold weather, sweatshirts and sweatpants may be worn over the PE uniform.

    Effort and Attitude – 20 points daily.

     Be on time. Dress out. Sit and wait quietly by your locker until told to go out.

    Sit in line for attendance and instructions. You are not to run or play around.

    Be quiet and respectful while others are talking and during directions.

    Try your best at everything we do in class. You are aiming to improve your own fitness!

    Have a positive attitude. Encourage others. Help out when and where you can.

    Raise your hand and ask questions if you do not understand and need further instructions.

    Keep your hands to yourself. No “horseplay”, pushing, name-calling, taking others’ things, pulling on uniforms, etc. Never drink someone else’s drinks.

    If you interfere with the learning and activity of the class, consequences ranging from loss of points to being removed from class may occur.       

    Ram/Fitness Day – 50 points.

     Ram day – this is a weekly cardiovascular activity where you are to power walk, jog and/or run one and 1/3 mile in 24 minutes or less. This activity, which includes taking your heart rate, is used as a way to monitor and document how you are improving your fitness throughout the school year. Ram cards are used to record this activity. Data is graphed each quarter, goal times are set and worksheets are used for student evaluation and reflection. Any missed Ram is to be made up.

    Parents are welcome to come out and do the Ram with their child whenever they’d like. Please check in at the office first for your visitor’s badge.

    Fitness day – this will be another cardiovascular activity worth 50 points. The activity may vary and may or may not take place of the Ram for that week.                      

    Locker room –

    Each student is given a lock and a locker to use during the school year.

    Each student is required to lock up their things to avoid theft or lost items.

    After dressing out, you are to sit quietly at your locker and wait to be dismissed.

    No aerosol sprays or glass containers are allowed in the locker room.

    Body sprays are not to be used inside the locker room as others may be allergic to it.

    You may not share lockers. Do not let anyone know your combination.

    No running, loud voices or “horseplay” in the locker room.

    No eating in the locker room. You may have water or Gatorade but clean up any spill.

    Cells phones, cameras, iPods, etc. are not to be used in the locker room.

    If you are having trouble with your lock or any other issue; talk to me immediately.

    Each student is responsible for their own belongings at all times.

    Sickness and Injury –

    If you are at school but are not feeling well, dress out and do the best you can.

    A parent note, email or phone call is required if activity is to be modified.

     If not able to participate, you are to still dress out, as it is 1/3 of your daily grade.

     If you are not able to participate you may have an alternate assignment.

     If sick or injured for more than 3 to 4 days, a Doctor’s note is required for activities to continue to be modified. A copy of the Doctor’s note is to be given to the school nurse.  

    Be pro-active about your health. Be sure to eat and hydrate. If you use an inhaler or have an EpiPen, have it marked with your name and bring it out to class every day.         

    Helpful Hits and Reminders:

     Along with points for dressing out, effort, attitude and fitness activities, you will receive points for unit tests, computer lab work, Ram card completion, daily class journaling, along with class leadership assignments. We will often have bell work, so please bring in a composition notebook.

     No gum is allowed at school. Parents please help monitor this.                 

     Water – bring it, drink it and be hydrated! Sharing of water bottles is not allowed for health reasons. Drink water throughout the day. Do not drink water right before or right after a hard run, doing so may cause you not to feel well, so take a few minutes to cool down before drinking.

    Safety, Safety, Safety - The class rules are geared to keep students safe and reduce the chance of accidents to students and classmates. So, be safe, be active, have fun!