•      Exercise & Sports Conditioning 

                        Mr. Celaya  






         Our goal is to promote and educate all students a

         healthy and active lifestyle which leads to lifelong fitness.



        All students are required to wear a Cross Physical education uniform

        everyday. This includes shorts, t-shirt, and athletic shoes. If you do not

        dress out in your uniform you will have points deducted from your

        grade. My goal as your teacher for this class is to make you a better person physically and emotionally.

        It is imperative that you have a great attitude and give your best effort to earn an “A”.


          Grading: My grading is as follows

          Attendance and Dressing out (15%)

          Effort and Attitude (45%)

          Fitnesss Componenet (35%)                                                         

          Fitness Journal/Tests (5%) 

          Students will be able to earn 20 points a day and 50 points on Friday.



          Fitness Run:

          The Fitness Run will be a weekly (Friday’s) run/jog that will build

          Cardiovascular Endurance as well as strengthen your heart.

          The run/jog will be 50 points if completed in specified time.

          Ideally as the year goes by, time will decrease. You can earn 50 points

          if completed, or 0 points if not. However, certain circumstances will

          contribute to earning all your points. Example, If I see you working hard

          and putting out your best effort, regardless if you finish in time, you will

          earn full credit. On the other hand, if I see you not putting in

          effort and walking with friends you will earn a zero.


          Interval/Cross- Fit Circut Training:

          Students will complete a weekly circuit training workout, which

          will increase stamina, build strength and, improve flexibility.


          Fitness Journal/Tests:  

          Each student will have a fitness journal in which they write

          in occassionally. This can include goals you have set, meals, exercise plans or

          reflection of your performance. You will be held accountable for writing

          in your journal. Failure to do so will result in loss of points.



    Students will be expected to dress-out for PE everyday.  They will wear the Cross Physical Education uniform and appropriate shoes for physical activity. Students that do not dress correctly will be marked down on their daily grade for not being prepared for class


    Students will be expected to participate in the daily activity.  This means the student is to give their best effort and work as directed during the entire instructional time and activity time.  It is the PE teachers’ job and discretion to determine what “best effort” is for each student.  Since this is a subjective evaluation, each student and situation will be treated separately.  The only excuse for nonparticipation is a note from a parent/legal guardian/doctor explaining why the student can’t participate and when participation may be resumed.


    Students will be expected to behave appropriately based on the student handbook guidelines.  Deductions due to poor behavior will start upon entering the looker room and will carry through the entire class period.  All students and parents should be aware that poor behavior will adversely affect their daily points.