• Special Education

    We have a team approach to special education services with open communication between general education teachers and special education teachers.  We're often in each others' rooms, or calling or e-mailing one another with thoughts and ideas, concerns and advice.  Since many of our general education teachers are long-term here, special education teachers are familiar with their projects and assignments.  We can help our students get the best learning experiences from these activities.  Our IEP meetings are well-organized and positive.


    Special Education Language Arts

    The special education language arts support class focuses on helping students understand the general education language arts curriculum by previewing and reviewing content, re-reading and explaining text, and giving extra practice in reading comprehension.  The class also focuses on the grammar, mechanics, and spelling of proper writing.  We have laptops in our classrooms for students who have a tough time with hand-writing.


    We also offer special education self-contained language arts classes for students whose reading and writing needs prevent them from participating successfully in a general education language arts class.


    Both of these classes use a variety of textbooks, including the literature book used by the general education language arts class as well as supplemental grammar, reading, and writing textbooks.


    Other Help

    Sometimes the special education language arts support class reads non-fiction text-the social studies book or articles from the science class.  Sometimes our reading comprehension practice comes from writing a report or answering questions from social studies or science class.  These activities can also be part of a study skills class offered to some special education students based on their needs.