• Intermediate Technology Curriculum


    Semester 1

    1. Basic Computer Applications
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Access


          2. Google SketchUp (Computer Aided Design)

    Semester 2

    1. GIMP (Image editing)
    2. Wordle (Word clouds)
    3. Audacity (Audio editing)
    4. Microsoft Movie Maker (Video editing)
    5. Computer Programming (Coding)
      1. Introduction to programming concepts
      2. Alice (Object-oriented programming)


    Year Long

    1. Digital Literacy and Citizenship
    1. Internet Safety
    2. Privacy and Security
    3. Relationships and Communication
    4. Cyberbullying
    5. Digital Footprint and Reputation
    6. Self-image and Identity
    7. Information Literacy
    8. Creative Credit and Copyright



    Computer Programming Semester Course Description

    The computer programming class will introduce students to basic computer science and computer coding concepts. Topics will include, but will not be limited to, algorithm development, conditional statements, functions, repeating loops, recursion, and computational thinking.  Students will learn with object based coding and progress into more advanced coding design.