•  Welcome to 8th Grade Science for this 2015/2016 school year.




    Grades are based on the following:


                      Item                                Point Value           Average Points per Quarter

                  Major Tests/Finals                   200 - 400                                   300

              Tests/Quizzes                          100                                           600


              Labs/Notebook                          50                                           900

              Daily Assignments                     50                                          _____
                                                                                           TOTAL       1800




    * 75% of your grade comes from tests and quiz scores and 25% of your grade comes from labs, notebook inspections and daily assignments.


    * Each student will keep track of their grade on a grade sheet kept in the front of their notebook by printing weekly progress reports from the science web page.


    * Students will keep a detailed notebook that will include class notes, vocabulary, notes on scientific films, and lab activities. See notebook rules for more information.


    * There are no set days for tests or quizzes, but we will average 6 or 7 each quarter.


    * A student will receive a 0% grade for work not turned in within a week of the due date.


    * Late work will be given a lower grade unless lateness is due to student illness or excused absence. The grade will drop by one letter grade each day it is late.


    * Students may ask for their grade standing from the teacher at anytime but are expected to be checking their grade on line weekly.


    * Due to the fact grades are posted on line, hard copy grade reports are only available upon request. Students are responsible to show these to their parents.


    * Parents are advised to check student grades on line weekly.


    * Students will be in their seats when the tardy bell rings or be marked tardy. Tardy students will be sent from the room to work from a textbook in a 7th grade classroom.


    * Extra credit is not usually necessary because of the large number of points we have each nine weeks. Students will have opportunity to earn extra credit during each notebook inspection and with random projects each quarter.


    * We will study life science, ecology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics.


    * A textbook will be assigned to each student but I do not teach from a text. We will refer to the text from time to time but do not expect to use it daily. All eighth grade State standards are addressed in our curriculum. A copy of the State standards, taught in this class, is available upon request.


    * You will often smile in this class! That may even be a requirement!


    * Science is taught in this class with many hands-on experiences. It is a privilege to participate in these lab activities. Students with poor behavior will lose their privilege to participate in lab.


    * Remember you also receive marks for work habits and citizenship.


    * Students who fail tests in the first semester may makeup the test by writing a related paper. The highest score on a makeup in the first quarter will be a 70%. In the second quarter it will be a 60%. No makeup will be offered after the first semester.


    * You will love this class!


    * You will on occasion laugh, sing, and even cry in this class.


    * You will write several scientific papers, make several oral presentations, participate in many lab activities, and take at least three major finals during the year.


    * Students will have some form of homework daily. Most often it will be related to organizing their notebook and reviewing notes. Other typical assignments will include Study Island computer work, studying for tests and quizzes, completing a lab assignment, reading assignments, researching and writing a scientific paper, practicing an   oral presentation, creating a science experiment, writing and editing video presentation and making or building a project. (Study Island work is due nearly every week by Tuesday night. Failure to complete this work by the due date will result in a 0% for that assignment.)


    * Students and parents should check my website weekly as well as the monthly paper calendar that will be passed out in class. You will find weekly

    assignments and activities as well as information on your notebook in both of these areas. All assignments are announced weeks in advance.


    * You will often work in lab groups that may included up to 7 partners working together on assigned projects. Select your lab partners wisely.


    * In addition to learning science students will also focus on organizational and study skills that will aid them in becoming better students now and in the future.


    * This is a very demanding class with high academic standards. Be prepared to work hard. You can do it!


    * You will be assigned a seat to sit in but in this class you will only need the edge!


    * Parents may contact Mr. Williams at 696-5976 or at dwilliam@amphi.com. Please feel free to reach me any time you have a question or concern.