I know we are all looking forward to a productive and exciting school year! Please take a few moments to read the following information. It will inform you about important school and classroom policies, procedures, and requirements for my 2nd grade class.

    Class Expectations

    In order to guarantee your child and all other students in my classroom the excellent learning environment they deserve, I am utilizing the following Discipline Plan. The purpose of this plan is to develop self-discipline and responsibility within each child. Please discuss and reinforce the importance of this plan with your child. Your support will be appreciated.

    School Rules

    All students are expected to behave appropriately at school and follow Coronado’s Paw Pride. Students will:

    Be Respectful!

    Be Responsible!

    Be Kind!

    Be Cooperative!

    Be Proud!


    Students who behave appropriately and follow the school rules will be rewarded with the following:

    • Praise               
    • Special individual awards               
    • Positive reports home               
    • Class wide reinforcement programs  

    My classroom environment is positive, positive, positive and I believe that attitude is everything! Second graders receive lots of reinforcement to make good choices and they quickly learn that following the Paw Pride rules pay off. Not only do they reap the rewards mentioned above, but they gain positive self-esteem and confidence in themselves.



    If a student chooses to break a rule, these consequences will follow:

    • Verbal reminder
    • Student loses 5 minutes of recess
    • No recess – Student completes a Responsibility Plan
    • Student is sent to the office - A Discipline Referral is completed – Parents are notified


    I am very pro-active with my second graders, so in most cases students simply need an encouraging reminder in order to make the right choice. Consequences rarely proceed beyond losing a few minutes of recess. Recess is a big deal in second grade, so most students choose to get their behavior back on track over having to sit out while their classmates play. Additionally, Time Out will only be utilized on an as-needed basis for instances where a student needs time away from class in order to regroup him or her self. In the case of a severe classroom disruption, Zero Tolerance will be enforced and the student will go immediately to the office with a Discipline Referral.