Classroom Expectations and Procedures




    This year Coronado 5th graders will be participating in the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. The program focuses on giving students the skills they need to be successful in college and careers. Most of the program will be woven throughout our daily lessons. The program focuses on five main areas:


    Writing – students will be writing across their subjects and learning to respond in writing in a variety of situations.

    Inquiry – students will learn to ask and answer deep questions about their learning.

    Collaboration – students will work together to achieve common goals learn to work with all types of people

    Organization – Students will be learning how to organize their time and materials.

    Reading – students will focus on reading to learn and helpful reading strategies


    Students will have a binder at school for all of their class notes and other materials. Students will be learning how to keep their materials organized, including using the agendas. The binder will not come home at all, but their agendas will come home every night in their take home folder, along with any homework they have for the day.


    Classroom Expectations:

    • When someone is speaking, respect them and listen, eyes on the speaker.
    • When a teacher is giving directions or teaching a lesson, complete focus is needed.
    • If you see a classmate off task, remind them of what is expected of them in a respectful manner.
    • Paw Pride! Paw Pride! Paw Pride!
    • Treat others how you want to be treated.


    Classroom Procedures: 

     Morning Preparation

    • Go directly to your first room with backpack filled with all materials needed for every class.
    • Have your AGENDA out with your parent signature and place it on your desk
    • Sit down quietly ready to listen to announcements.

    Classroom Entry

    • Always enter a room quietly and quickly and listening for directions.
    • Only 90 minutes or less for each content area = getting materials out right away(especially your AGENDA) and getting down to business. Do not dilly dally.


    Discipline (Agenda):


    This is how we will communicate with you about your child’s progress throughout the year. We are using agendas which are provided by the school. Using the agendas will increase the student’s organizational skills.   It is extremely important that every student brings his/her agenda every day to school.  In order to continue to have open communication with you, the agenda will need to be signed every night.  Please use your full signature and not just initials.  


    The student is responsible to write the class work (CW) and homework (HW) for each class and to have you sign the agenda each day. The teacher is responsible to write down information that is important to you.  Each teacher will have a different color pen in order for you to quickly glance at the agenda and know which class(es) your child is struggling in.  Each student will start with 3 points per day.  If the student consistently “forgets/loses” their planner or consistently gets 0 points, he/she will go to lunch detention. It is automatic MINUS one point if the agenda is not signed the previous day.  PLEASE make sure you sign the agenda!!! If signing the agenda every day is an issue, PLEASE contact your child’s homeroom teacher to work out an alternative.  A student can lose points by displaying inappropriate behavior and/or no homework.  Students will be marked when they use the restroom BUT will not lose points unless they use the restroom excessively without a valid reason.  The teachers will use a code to communicate to you the following:


    OT- Off Task

    RR- Restroom (does not result in a point deduction, just for informational purposes)

    MAT- Materials Missing

    T- Talking

    DIS- disruptive to others

    MA- Missing assignment (didn’t turn in homework or class work)

    FD- disruptive during fire drills and lockdown drills

    SUB- disruptive for the substitute teacher



    ***Bonus points will be given to students by the discretion of the individual teacher***

    ***Bonus points are given for going above and beyond expectations




    Positive Rewards:

    If a student has 13 points or higher at the end of the week, they will be invited to join the teachers outside for lunch on Tuesdays and listen to music while he/she eats.  The student will be placed on the “A TEAM” and go to “party on the patio”. If a student has an average of 13 or better during each 9 week quarter, they will be given another reward at the end of the quarter.


    *** If your child loses the agenda, he/she will need to pay the office $5.00 to receive a new agenda*** The student will go to lunch detention until an agenda or an alterative is brought to school.   



    Thank you,

    The 5th grade Team