• This year at a glance:

    In the first and second quarters we will cover chemistry. We will make an effort to really show the students how things work while at the same time preparing them for the rigors of high school.
    Therefore, we will have labs and discussions mixed in with book assignments.
    The book assignments throughout the year will be short as we feel science is best learned by experiencing it.

    We will begin biology near the end of the second quarter and finish it during third quarter. We will cover cells, DNA, genetics and adaptations of plants/animals.

     Also during the third quarter we will be covering cover Physics. Physics will consist of the basics of speed, velocity and acceleration. Then we will cover Isaac Newton's 3 Laws.

    Fourth quarter we will finish physics and begin doing our end of the year project based learning. We are working on securing the materials for the labs. The students are going to enjoy them!