• Introduction to Class:

    "All students can be successful!"  This is the class motto.  For students to be successful there are a few classroom rules/expectations that need be adhered to in order for this to take place.

    • Attitude - come rested, focused, and ready to learn each day
    • Organized - each day students are required to come to class prepared with materials such as folder, spiral, pencil, pen, highlighter, and planner
    • Participation - there are multiple opportunities for students to work independently, with a partner, small groups, or share individually with the rest of the class
    • Deadlines - turn in classwork, homework, projects, and essays on time
    • Time Management - pace yourself by using your planner for writing down assignments, tests, and other homework due dates when coordinating your extracurricular activities

    Class Expectations:

    • Be Kind
    • Be Responsible
    • Be Cooperative
    • Be Proud
    • Be Honest

    Helpful Hints and Reminders:

    • Use planner every day to write down classwork/homework/upcoming events/projects
    • Download remind.com
    • Attend office hours
    • Communicate through emails