Art Class


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        Choice Board 1

    Free Draw

     Free Choice!  What inspires you?  What would you like to draw?  Anything school appropriate is okay.

    This one is your choice.

    Closet Drawing

     Open up a closet and draw a picture of what is inside of it.  What did you find surprising while completing this drawing? 

    Music Drawing

     Pick a school appropriate song you like.  Write down your favorite lyrics in that song and illustrate pictures to go with the words.

    Trick Photography

     Use your phone to try and take a trick photograph.  Make something big look very small or the opposite.  Draw a picture of the picture you took.

    Plant Drawing

     Go outside and find a plant or tree you find interesting.  What do you think it is? Draw a picture of it or tell me what you like about it.

    Best Part of This Week

     What was the best part of this week? Draw a picture to show me the best part of the week.  Write a paragraph to explain why it was your favorite part.


        Choice Board 2

    Drawing Challenge

    Challenge a person in your house to a drawing contest.  Choose one thing to draw (like a Raider, a dinosaur, or an object in your house).  Set up a 10-minute timer and draw until the timer goes off. Compare and contrast drawings.  What do you like about each other’s artwork? Who did a better job and why do you think so? Attach both drawings for credit.

    Favorite Season

    What is your favorite season? Draw a picture that shows your favorite season.  Include elements so that we can tell which season you are drawing.

    Art in TV/Movies

    Watch an episode of your favorite show on TV or Streaming.  Where did they use their creativity?  How did art improve/or worsen the show you are watching? Did it make it more convincing?   Write a paragraph to explain how art ties into the show you watched on TV or sketch a scene from the show.

    Refrigerator Drawing

    Open your refrigerator and draw what you see inside.  What is your favorite of what is in there?

    Book Drawing

    Pick a book from your house.  Open up to a random page and write down one of the sentences.  Draw images around it to illustrate what it is saying.

    Traveling the World

    Where in the world would you like to travel? What are some of the pictures you would take if you had an opportunity to go there? Draw 2-3 of the images you would take and write a sentence under each to explain where you are and what you see.


        Choice Board 3


    Play with Perspective

    Take a picture playing with perspective where one item is up close to the camera and looks larger than it is in real life.

    Perspective Example 1 Perspective Example 2

    Shoe Drawing

    Choose one of your favorite shoes.  Place it in front of you and draw what you see with as many details as possible. Be sure to include the texture of the different fabrics that make up the shoe.  Be neat and use color!

    Sports Uniform

    Who is your favorite team? What sport do they play? What do their uniforms look like? Design new uniforms for your favorite team.  Create a home, away and special (like when teams wear pink for cancer).  Explain why you choose these ideas in 2 or more sentences.

    Extra-Ordinary Art

    Choose an item, or a collection of items, from around your house that are ordinary.  Set them on top of a piece of paper and think of a way to turn them into a drawing.  Sketch on the paper to complete the picture.  Take a picture of what you create, with the items on top of your drawing.

    Extra-Ordinary Art Example

    Surreal Dreams

    Draw a picture of the strangest dream you’ve ever had.  On the back, write a paragraph to describe the image and what happened in your dream.  What do you think it means?

    Eye Drawing

    Draw four realistic looking eyes on a piece of paper.  Look closely at yourself, a family member or a pet and draw their eye with as much detail as possible. Add color if you have colored pencils available.


         Choice Board 4


    Art memes

    Visit the Met Museum time machine and choose a piece of artwork.  Give it a meme-worthy caption and turn it in.


    Mask Making

    Visit a site online that teaches you how to sew a homemade face mask.  Follow the instructions with supplies from around your home and take a picture of it.


    Pattern Search

    Using your phone, find 4 patterns from your surroundings and take photos of them.  These can be any repeating pattern of shapes, colors, lines, and/or textures. Draw them on a sheet of paper and write a sentence to explain the pattern you see in each one.

    Comic Book Cover Design

    Draw a comic book cover for an original character you create. It can be anything: a super animal, person, a made-up creature. What you need to have on the cover: a barcode, an issue number, a title, an author and an illustrator. Have fun color it with whatever you have at home.

    Illustrated Idioms

    Idiom: a phrase or an expression that has a figurative or sometimes literal meaning like “it’s raining cats and dogs”.  Look at up examples or create an idea on your own.  Write it on the top of your page and make a drawing based on it. Add color if you wish.

    Hands and Feet

    Create a highly detailed drawing of both of your feet or hands.  Put them in an interesting pose or draw them holding something.  Add as many values (darks and lights as possible.


         Choice Board 5



    Recreate It (from the Getty Museum)

    Choose your favorite artwork.  Find 3 things lying around your house.  Recreate the artwork with those items.  Take a picture and send it in to Mrs. Pike.

    Close Up Portrait

    Look in the mirror or at someone in your house and draw a picture of them.  Use details and shading to make them look as realistic as possible.

    Animal Drawing

    Draw a picture of your pet or an animal you can see outside of your home.  Draw the background and fill the whole page with details.  You may add color using colored pencils if you have them.


    Draw a picture of your favorite cartoon or anime character.  Add color and detail if you want to.  Write a description of who the character is and explain in 2 sentences why they are your favorite.

    Money, Money, Money!

    Find any change, dollars, even money from a board game and arrange it in a pile.  On a piece of paper, draw the money with as much detail as possible.  Feel free to add color!

    Bowl and Book Drawing

    Take two bowls and two books and lay them on top of each other. Create a pencil drawing of what you see. Shade the drawing using pencil. Add as many details as possible.


         Choice Board 6



    Texture Practice

    Use your phone to take 12 pictures of things around your home or yard that have a TEXTURE. Usually when you get close up to a piece of wood, carpet, or grass, you can see the texture of their surface.  Choose 9 of the pictures you took and practice drawing the texture using a pencil in a 3 x 3 boxed grid.

    Last Picture

    Look at the images in your phone.  Look at the first image in your camera roll and the most recent image you took.  Draw a picture of each of them side by side.  Underneath them explain what each picture is in 2 or more sentences.

    Animal Combination

    What are your two favorite animals? What would they look like if you combined them together into one animal?  Draw a picture of what it would look like if it did exist.  Come up with a new name for the animal breed you created and write a paragraph to explain what this animal would be like.  Where would they live? What would they eat?

    Favorite Space

    Fill an entire page with a drawing of your favorite place to spend time.  Write two sentences at the bottom of the drawing to tell me why this is your favorite place.  What do you usually do when you’re in this place? Read a book? Think? Draw?

    In Your Home

    Look around your house at the images on the walls. Draw a picture of your favorite image and answer the following questions at the bottom of that page.  What do you like about this image? Why is it your favorite? Why do we hang pictures on our walls?

    Is Art Important?

    Talk to the people who live in your house and ask them the following questions:  Is art important? Why or why not? Write down their responses and then write your reaction to what they said in one paragraph.

    Find one object that would not normally be considered art and sketch it.


    Questions You May Have:


    • How will this be graded?
      • You will be graded on following the directions in each box and the level of effort applied to each assignment.



    100 - 93

    92 - 85

    84 - 77

    76 - 70

    69 - 0


    Student followed all directions and assignment is completed.

    Most of the directions were followed.

    Student missed a few of the directions.

    The assignment is 50% complete.

    Less than half of the assignment was completed.


    Demonstrates student’s best effort.

    Demonstrates student put effort into work.

    Some effort was put into the work, but could be improved.

    Little effort or detail was included in the work.

    Minimal effort was put into the assignment.


    • How long should I spend on each assignment?
      • You should spend between 15-30 minutes on each assignment.


    • If I don’t understand what to do, who should I ask for help?
      • First, re-read the assignment. If you are still confused, either choose another box to complete, or ask an adult at home for help.
      • If you are still unsure what to do or if an adult is unavailable, you may e-mail Mrs. Pike at jpike@amphi.com to ask your question.


    • How many do I have to complete?
      • Complete 1 box for every day of school that we miss this week, so 5 boxes total for the week.


    • How do I turn it in?
      • Take a picture of your work and email it to HomeworkForMrsPike@yahoo.com (please don’t send picture files to jpike@amphi.com because the mailbox has a size limit and I won’t see your pictures that way) or mail it to the school.


    • Can I do a prompt more than once?
      • You may do each prompt up to three times. So, for example, if you really like drawing your favorite places, you could draw one favorite place Monday, another favorite place Tuesday, another one Wednesday, but then for Thursday and Friday you would need to choose a different prompt.



    Mrs Pike’s Art Class Choice Board for the week of 3/23 to 3/27  (optional assignment)

    Hi Guys!  Here is some fun stuff to try this week, if you are interested.  These are optional activities.  You may do as many or as few as you would like.  They are not graded assignments.  Hanging out at home is a great time to sketch!  If you’d like to share your work, you can take a picture and send it to me at HomeworkForMrsPike@yahoo.com (please don’t send it to jpike@amphi.com because the mailbox has a size limit and I won’t get to see all your awesome pictures!).  I look forward to seeing all your artwork!  😊


    Choice Board












    General Information about Art Class

    Zara practices drawing noses

    2D/3D Art Class

    2D/3D Art is a semester-long class open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This class may be taken multiple times for credit. Students may take this class both 1st and 2nd semester, as the projects for the class are different each semester of the school year. Students will have extensive opportunity to work with ceramic sculpture and building techniques as well as focusing on drawing and painting skills. Part of the curriculum of the class is devoted to exploring the style of prominent artists as well as the art of different cultures. No previous art experience is necessary to take this course.


    Odyssey of the Mind Class

    Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students and is available to Coronado middle school students in the form of an elective class. Students choose from a set of difficult problems to solve and work on the solution to the problem they choose throughout the school year. They then present their creative solution in the form of a skit during competition in the Spring. Thousands of teams from throughout the world participate in the program and NASA is a sponsor of the competition. Examples of problem categories students may choose from in the class are balsa wood building, vehicle building, contraption building, dramatic skit writing, and comedy skit writing.