• Elementary Music

    Coronado K-8 elementary students will sing and play instruments while performing music from a variety of genres and cultures. Students will learn the basics of music theory, including rhythm reading, and note reading in standard form. Lessons will be based on the AZ and National Music standards. Students will perform in a grade level music performance for each grade K-5.

    Students in 3rd grade will learn to play the recorder. Students in 4th and 5th grades will be able to learn a band or orchestral instrument.

    Master Calendar Dates 2022-2023

    I tried to keep all concerts on Mondays.

    February 6, 2023               2nd Grade Crazy Critters Musical

    February 20, 2023            Kindergarten Rodeo Celebration

    April 24, 2023                     1st Grade Spring Concert

    May 1, 2023                        3rd Grade Recorder Concert

    May 2, 2023                        3rd Grade Field Trip to the TSO Concert

    May 8, 2023                        4th and 5th Grades Bands and Orchestras Concert


    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Porteous via email- cporteous@amphi.com or by phone-  696-6630.