• Classroom Expectations/Discipline Plan

    Classroom Expectations/Discipline PlanMean_Teacher

    1. Behavior:

    You are expected to demonstrate respect for yourself and for your fellow classmates by being supportive and positive, by using appropriate language, by being prepared, by treating school property and each other�s property appropriately and by following school rules and policies. Practice �Cougar PRIDE� at all times!

    2. Materials:

    Hand sanitizer (due to allergies); Art supplies: Scissors, glue, & colors

    3. Student Responsibility for Learning:

    In order for your teachers to instruct, you must accept responsibility for your learning. You are being offered an excellent education! It is up to you to make the most of that education. Learning in a chaotic classroom is extremely limited. You are, therefore, expected to work quietly and pay attention in class.

    4. Discipline:

    Please, do not be disruptive and interfere with the learning of others. In the event that you are disruptive or your behavior warrants a consequence, you will be given a warning, a time-out, contact home, lunch detention, and/or a referral. I feel that most problems can be avoided through clear communication among teachers, students, and parents.

    5. Attendance and Make-up Work:

    You will be responsible for obtaining and completing all assignments and information you miss due to an absence. All assignments will be kept in the classroom notebook. On the bulletin board in the back of the classroom, there are boxes for each day of the week. The work that you missed will be in the box designated for the day you were absent. Extra copies of work will not be made; be responsible and do not lose work. You may ask any other student in the class to explain any work that was missed. Attendance is very important. Please try to limit absences to legitimate reasons. Research has proven that students who attend school on a regular basis learn more than those who do not.

    6. Homework/Second Chances:

    Students can expect approximately some type of nightly homework (15min). You will be given as many opportunities as you need to demonstrate mastery of a topic. However, you must complete the eligibility requirements, such as attending mandatory tutoring, or completing/redoing assignments in order to receive additional testing, etc.

    7. Final Grades consist of the following:

    Bell work/Homework 20%

    Class work/Curriculum 40%

    Tests/Projects 30%

    Behavior 10%

    8. Most assignments are graded on the following basis:

    great effort + = 100 points

    satisfactory effort / = 80 points

    minimal effort - = 60 points

    missing/absent work = 50 points (Amphi Policy)

    Headinggirl_1This heading needs to be on all work that is handed in. Otherwise, your “Work Habits” grade may be reduced.

    Full Name (first and last)

    Complete date (month, day, & year)

    Period #

    Title (Page number or assignment)

    *Your heading should appear at the top of written work and on the back of artwork.

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