• Introduction to my class

    It is my job to support all students in their learning and to help them be the best student they can be. I want my students to make smart choices, focus on doing their best quality work, learn how to work together and to LOVE learning. My class is a community of learners that work together and encourages each other.

    Class Rules

    Rule 1: Listen when the speaker is talking. SLAT

    Rule 2: Follow directions quickly & quietly

    Rule 3: Respect others, yourself & our school

    Rule 4: Raise your hand to speak or stand

    Rule 5: Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Honest

    You have the power to make the RIGHT choice!


    • Weekly spelling homework, reading log and grammar sheets. Come home on Wednesday & needs to be returned on the following Tuesday.
    • Daily Math homework and math fact practice.

    Assessments & Grading

    In all subjects students are assessed daily as I review their work and conference with them weekly about thier progress. Weekly tests are given in reading, grammar and spelling. Quarterly students' reading levels are assessed using the Developmental Reading Assessment and their writing skills through a writing prompt. Mid chapter and end of the chapter tests are given in math. Math fact fluency is assessed through timed tests and rocket math tests. Student work is graded and returned in a timely manner using the weekly folder for parents to review work, sign folder and return with any questions or comments.


    It is essential that parents, students and teacher has strong communication. I encourage parents and students to talk to me about any questions, comments or concerns they may have. I can be easily contacted via phone, email or chat on Remind. Conferences are help with all parents in October but additional ones can be scheduled as needed.