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    REACH - Amphitheater District Services for Gifted

    - Mas Allá -

    Helping gifted and talented students to “Go Beyond”


     CDO REACH Honors Information Night 2019 

    Services for Gifted Students at CDO


    Canyon Del Oro High School


    National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Standards

    for education of gifted students through these programs:



    REACH Workshops and Seminars in Pre-AP English Classes (9- 10)

    REACH/Honors Seminar Courses (11-12)


    Honors Seminar Course Details




    Individualized intervention with gifted underachievers (9-12)

    Attendance at 504 and IEP meetings for all twice-exceptional students (9-12)

    Individual meetings with parents and students to meet unique gifted needs (9-12)


    Parent and Teacher Resources and Support

    Professional development for staff

    Presentations and informational events for parents


     Gifted Intensity - CDO REACH Forum 2019



    Additional programs that support the needs of gifted students at CDO 

    International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, Advanced Placement Classes 

    Career and Technical Education, Distance Learning Program, Fine Arts, Athletics
    Academic Competitions:
    Academic Decathlon, Odyssey of the Mind, Various STEM Competitions, Fine Arts Competitions, CTE Competitions
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