• Fourth Quarter Internship Projects

    Students and parents please check your email for details on assignments.  Your assignments will be sent to you by email and posted here. 

    Each student was sent an email regarding the number of internshhip hours on record in their school folders.  Students who have additional hours will turn those forms in when we return to school. 

    Student Email 3/30/2020       Agenda Class meeting 3-30-2020

    Good Afternoon Honors Internship Students and Parents, 

    Parents, you are copied on this message so that you can let me know of any obstacles your child might be facing that I should be aware of and to keep you informed about our class.  You are certainly not expected to join the class meeting belowJ

     Students, Thanks to those students who have gotten their resumes and interview question responses sent in.  If you have not completed this then just keep working on it and send it when you get it finished.

    Attached is the agenda for our class meeting on Wednesday morning this week.  To join the meeting on Wednesday morning just click on the link below.

    7th period students:

    I am including the 7th period students in this meeting in hopes that works with your scheduled first period.  If this is not going to work for 7th period students then email me and we can meet 7th period on Wednesday instead.

    Honors Internship Zoom Classroom Meeting 

    Topic: CDO Honors Internship

    Time: Apr 1, 2020 07:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting



    Meeting ID: 713 200 972

    Student Email from 3/26: Resume Assignmen Update - Due Monday 3/30

    Good Afternoon Internship Students,

    I have discovered that some of you do not have an electronic copy of your resume because it is on your school account.   If you do not have a copy and cannot work on your resume until we return to school that is fine.

    For those of you who do have an electronic copy, please refine and update and send to me.  This will give me a chance to work with each of you individually which is harder at school.   I will review it and send suggestions back to you. 

    Meanwhile everyone can continue to work on your interview answers until you each have 30 completed.  Once you have that completed please send it to me so I can look it over.  Remember a good answer is not one sentence but a fully conceived statement.

    I have some new work that I will send you on Monday. 

    Please respond to this email with an “I got it.” So I know we are in communication.  cdebouch@amphi.com 

    Student Email from 3/25: Resume Assignment - Due Monday 3/30

    Please spend some of your school day on either TH or F updating and refining your resume. 

    You can find the format for the resume on our class page on my school website.

    Please email me your revised resume no later than Monday morning by 9 am.


    • Resume must use format from the website.....scroll down to find format
    • Resume must be no more than one page.
    • Resume must have internship experiences listed first in the experience section.
    • No typos or spelling errors.
    • Resume may include a skills section unless you need to eliminate it for more space.

    Please let me know if you do not have a computer you can work on. 

    Student Email from 3/24:

    1. Those who still have an informational interview to complete, please do so through email or phone - not in person.  
    2. All need to complete their third quarter project.  Many of you have already done this and can report in on looking for summer internship opportunities, completing next steps for college (if you are a senior) etc.
    3. I will finally have time to go through the interview answers you have submitted in your folders.  Once I do I can send you a verification of how many you have and how many you still need to complete.
    4. I have gone through folders this morning to see what hours are in your folders.  Some of you have hours in your take home folders that are not yet in the folder but have been signed etc.  I will send you each an email this morning on what I have.  Please send me a return email with the number of additional hours you have signed off at this point in the year.  there is no need to scan and send in hours at this point.  We will gather those documents when we return to school.

    Student Email from 3/23:

    Good Afternoon Honors Interns,


    We are in the fortunate position of being able to conduct our class through emails.  I will also send an email to your parents about what our class plans are. 


    I am hopeful we will resume regular classes at school on April 13th.  If not, I have plans for you to complete projects remotely including the final interviews.


    Our goals this quarter:


    Field Work Hours – I am taking home your folders and will let each of you know how many hours I have a record of at this point.

    Ø  If you did not have supervisor initials on hours please try to get them sent to you by your supervisor.  

    Ø  If your internship/field work is something you can continue to do then continue to gather hours as possible.

    Ø  Many of you may have enough field work hours for the whole school year already.  If you do not I will give you other options for field work completion.

    Ø  Optional field work that can count as internship hours for fourth quarter:

    o   Option 1- With parent approval – they must send me an email that this is approved before you can start.  You can reach out to people your parents know who may need assistance with child care during the next 3 weeks of school closures.

    §  In order for this to count as an internship:

    ·         The Intern would determine what learning goals the parents want supervised and supported

    ·         The intern could develop or provide activities that could support the childrens’ development – such as Odyssey of the Mind creative thinking spontaneous practice

    ·         Think of the whole child’s development, could they learn and practice a new home help skill like doing the dishes, setting the table, helping in the garden?  How can you get them outside to get exercise and enjoy the weather?  Make sure to prepare with water, hats, sunscreen.

    ·         The intern would create a daily log of their hours and the number of children served.

    ·         Additional hours should be recorded for preparation of activities.

    o   Option 2- Start a new healthy habit

    §  In order for this to count as field work:

    ·         Identify one new healthy habit that you will practice daily and log for the next 3 weeks.  Email me your plan and how you will record and reflect on your progress

    o   Examples - Walking briskly for an hour, Practicing yoga daily for an hour, Weight training, eating nutritious meals, swimming, gardening, limiting gaming time, etc.


    ·         Identify one new helpful habit that you will practice daily and log for the next 3 weeks.  Email me your plan and how you will record and reflect on your progress

    o   Examples – Doing the dishes, doing the laundry, yard work for your family or others who need help, other……

    ·         The intern would create a daily log of their hours


    Assignments – more on these assignments in coming emails.

    Ø  Refine resume to a one page resume that can be used in an interview setting.

    Ø  Create a separate references sheet that matches the resume style – I will send out an example.

    Ø  Complete and refine answers to the 30 interview answers we started in the 3rd quarter

    Ø  Prepare for the final interview:

    o   Lesson on dressing for an interview

    o   Finding appropriate interview clothing

    o   Practicing interviewing with various people

    o   Final one-on-one interview

    o   Reflection on interview and skills

    Ø  Juniors – write one college essay – send in for comments and revise until acceptable.  This process usually requires a minimum of 4 – 5 re-writes.

    o   I will be preparing a PowerPoint and an assignment to be done at home in the next few weeks.

    o   Each of you will select a prompt and compose the best essay you can.

    o   The essay coach and I will send back with comments.

    o   You will revise and we will continue to send back until you have an acceptable version.

    Ø  Seniors – Write 10 (or more) hand written thank you notes to people who should be thanked for helping you to become the person you are.

    o   Make photos to send to me or to show me when we return to school

    o   Mail thank you notes

    Ø  Seniors – Create your between now and college “To-Do” list

    o   Include all practical learning and anything you can think of that needs to be completed before you go to college in the fall.


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  • Forms


    Field Work Documentation

    Summer Field Work Log

    Field Work Log


     Parent Contracts

    Parent and Student Contract

    Parent and Student Placement Agreement


    Placement Agreements 

    Parent Student Supervisor Placement Contract



     Supervisor Evaluation Form 

     Supervisor Evaluation

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    Informational Interview Project


    Informational interview Reflection


    College Info Interview Directions


    College Interview Questions

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    College research spreadsheet

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    Scholarship project - seniors

    College Project Juniors

    College Free Write - Juniors

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