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    Thank you for logging in to the Odyssyware program using your user name and password that was e-mailed to you.

    For students in the RR Math Standards Class: Please continue completing assignments in your individual Odysseyware program. As questions arise, email me at djohnson@amphi.com.  You may also e-mail me through the Odysseyware website.  I am on the site numerous times per day.

    If you are working at a pace of 2-3 lessons with 2-3 assignments (class expectations), you should be working on the objectives listed below.   Please check the messages.  As assignments are graded, I am posting instruction to assist.


    400-  Fraction Review, Equivalent Fractions  

    500-  Decimal Number Place Value, comparing and ordering Decimal Numbers

    600-  Distributive Property and Multiplying, Review of Multiplication (with and without decimals)







    Parents and students will receive a summary of class performance (time on task and course percentage) every Friday afternoon to e-mail addresses that have been provided.