• Syllabus





    • Integrated Day Program Description/Overview

    Students are placed in the Integrated Day Program based on the decision of an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). The Integrated Day Program is a specialized program within the cascade of services offered in the Special Education (Support Program). Our students are typically educationally identified as adolescents with emotional disabilities and receive prescriptive services ranging from academic and behavioral monitoring and inclusion to a variety of more restrictive settings. The IDP is headquartered in room C416 (frequently referred to as “The Portable”. Our facility is frequently used as a location for students to take or be placed in “time out” in order to refocus on their emotional state.

    This Program is designed to assist students and their families transition from school to post-secondary life with a reality based approach.


    • Course Description: Students who are placed in the Study Skills Class component of the Integrated Day Program receive a scheduled time/place to complete assignments from other classes, earn/recover class credits via an online learning program (Odysseyware), or focus on interpersonal social skills/, receive emotional or behavioral support, or have time to decompress. This elective course is offered to all grade levels. Students may take one or both semesters. The curriculum will focus on strategies for achieving success.. Online credit may be earned in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE and numerous elective courses.


    • Course Materials

    There are no required textbooks for this class. Supplementary materials used in class are taken from a number of sources and may include Power Point presentations, handouts, worksheets, notes, online programs, etc. Students are expected to bring the materials they need to be successful daily.

                    Weekly progress reports will be emailed to teachers of IDP students. Those Portable Weekly 

    Progress Reports that are returned will be emailed home to students and their families. In addition, progress is monitored/discussed with the student.


    • Course Policies

    Students are expected to attend and be on time…..period.

    Students making use of “The Portable” as a time out facility are expected to obtain permission prior to leaving other classrooms and proceed directly to The Portable.

    Following a cool down/discussion/refocus period, students are expected to return to class to re-engage in their learning.

    Cell phones are to be placed in the cell phone caddy upon arrival every day.


    • Grading :

    A daily grade of one to ten will be issued based on each student’s individual program for students in Study Skills class. Students working on Oddysseyware have scheduled assignments daily as part of the program. Each student has a folder that contains a daily accounting of assignment(s) completed.

    90 – 100%             = A                                       

    80 – 89%               = B                                       

    70 – 79%               = C                                       

    60 – 69%               = D                                       

    59 and below = F               


    • Weekly Progress Reports:

    Weekly Portable Progress Reports will be sent to teachers of students that are part of the IDP.  Teachers are asked to return the progress reports, and the reports may be forwarded to parents, caseworkers, counselors, mental health professional and court officers to ensure consistent communication. We can only forward reports that are returned. If parents have questions after consulting the Parent Portal, they are encouraged to contact teachers directly.


    • Additional Information

    Feel free to call, text or email me at any time:

    Tommy Steele