• Automotive Technologies

    Google site access codes:

    Period 2 (Automotive 1)- kfvy7g5

    Period 3 (Automotive 1)- eo3ebt4

    Period 4 (Automotive 3/4)- 6d2i7yv

    Period 5 (Automotive 3/4)- xvsiqlz

    Period 6 (Automotive 2)- s23nfqf





    Courses must be taken in sequence:

    Automotive Technology I (Year 1) CTS161/JTS161


    Automotive Technology II (Year 2) CTS162/JTS162


    Automotive Technology III (Year 3) CTS163/JTS163 (9 credits from PCC available for Year 3)


    Automotive Technology IV (Optional Year 4) CTS160/JTS160


    Automotive Technology Internship (Optional) CTS164





    Grade: 9-12

    3 Year Program

    Program offered at: CDO

    This high-tech career is always in demand and cannot be outsourced overseas.

    • Learn all basic Automotive techniques and skills, including tire mounting, tire balancing, cooling systems flushes, brake replacement and oil changes.

    • Receive instruction on basic and advanced engine fundamentals.

    • Demonstrate understanding of electrical circuitry in transportation applications.

    • Work-based learning instruction to advance knowledge in suspension and brakes.

    • Analysis of engine performance and drivetrain.

    • Students can demonstrate their skills in regional, state, and national SkillsUSA competitions.


      Students will be prepared for employment in entry-level positions in the Automotive industry. Students are prepared for continued study at a technical school or 2-year or 4-year college or university. Students will acquire industry certifications during the program. Career examples include Auto Service Technician, Mechanic, General Maintenance Technician, and Parts Salesperson.