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    Classroom expectations are the same for both students and teacher. We treat ourselves and each other with respect.  We are responsible for our actions, our materials, and our curriculum.  We cooperate with each other in order to maintain an environment in which everyone can learn.

    Students are expected to be punctual, and attend class each scheduled day. Certain items are not permitted, including fast food meals, no drinks in a container that can easily spill (no thirstbusters or starbucks type cups), cell phones (limited to when it is allowed by the teacher) if used inappropriately the students will give them to the teacher to hold until the end of the day), no use of other electronic devices (unless specifically approved by the teachers). Students are encouraged to groom themselves outside of class, and are expected to follow the school’s dress code. Also recognized is the right of the students to not be exposed to inappropriate language, including name-calling, cursing, and other offensive terms.


    BATHROOM POLICY Students will be given four bathroom passes per semester. You may use a bathroom pass at appropriate times only (i.e. NOT during first/last ten minutes, during a test, while instructions are given, etc.) Any unused passes will be added to your semester grade as extra credit.

    BELLWORK :will be on the board daily as you enter the room. You must work on bellwork QUIETLY to yourself. I will stamp bellwork for points (5pts/day) and collect it at the end of every week.

    TARDY POLICY:(in person class) If you are tardy, sign in with the clip board at the door BEFORE you take your seat. On the days you are tardy, you will NOT receive bellwork points. Be careful, lost points add up quickly!

    HOMEWORK/CLASSWORK POLICY: There will be daily assignments that can include bellwork, group work, reading, notes and other assignments. Assignments will have a due date. Classwork will be due in class. The social studies department will allow you to turn in HOMEWORK late up to the end of the unit for max score of 70%.


    Curriculum for the history classes follows the Arizona state standards.  If you wish to view a copy of these standards, please let us know; they are readily available for your information.

    Due to the complexity of the standards, students move through the curriculum rapidly. Emphasis is given to instruction on reading and writing in the content area, enabling the student to transfer these skills to other classes and future situations. Information is transmitted through various learning modalities and is previewed, read, summarized, transformed, and reviewed before a formal assessment is given.  

    The majority of the work is done in class; however, homework will be assigned periodically. Generally, students are completing a chapter per week, including discussing, taking notes, completing study guides, participating in a learning activity, and being assessed, either through a writing task or a more traditional type of test. 

    Current Events: In history, it is important to keep up with current events. Once a month, you will be required to bring in an article (newspaper or internet) and discuss it with the class. I will explain the assignment in more detail before our first current event day.  

    Grading Scale

    90-100             = A

    80-89               = B

    70-79               = C

    60-69               = D

    59 and below    = F



    Feel free to contact me at any time about your student’s progress, grades, concerns, curriculum, etc. My phone number is 696-5651, and my email address is: bwatkins@amphi.com.  I am available before and after school to meet with you for scheduled parent conferences.  Please let me know how I can assist you and your student.


    Students who need any specific accommodations are encouraged to communicate with me via email or in person early in the year as necessary.


    Thank you,


    Mr. Watkins


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