• Textbooks used:  Avancemos I, II, III

    Textbook website link:  www.classzone.com


    (Wed., 4/1)  Spanish 3:  I have entered your Unit 4 exam grades onto Tyler.  Those of you who were absent need to email me so that we can set up how we will make this up.



    (Wed., 4.1)  Spanish 1:  I am entering your grade for our weather report.  I've had to simplify it since we aren't able to do the presentation portion that we planned.  Some of you have sent the essay to me already.  Gracias.  Many of you still need to send this to me.  Please do so asap. Also, I went to my classroom and graded all posters.  Unfortunately, some of you either didn't turn in a poster or forgot to put their names on the poster (I had about 5 of those.)  If you're not sure either email me or do both parts of the project (poster and essay) and send me photos of your work.



     Tuesday, 3/31/2020

    ¡Buenos Días!  Muchas gracias to all of my wonderful students who have started this week's work and have been sending assignments to me.  I am recording your work and will put it in the computer soon.  If you haven't started please do.  Also, if you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a message.  Make sure that the photos of your work are large and clear and please always identify what the assignment is.  Look for an Remind invitation to a Zoom video for Thursday or Friday of this week.  I just want to check in with you and make sure you understand the assignments and general set up we will be using now.  This meeting will be optional but it would be great if you could attend.  Once again, look for the invite coming soon.  Take good care of yourselves. 

    Sra. Yetman

    Dear Students, Parents and/or Guardians,


    Throughout this difficult time I want you to know that I am thinking of you all and hoping for your safety.  Please take good care of yourselves and take all necessary precautions. 

    Although school is officially canceled until April 10th, we will be providing enrichment activities this week and hopefully continue classes at least virtually starting next week.  My department is meeting online to discuss and plan how we want to proceed with this process. 

    For this week I would like all my classes to spend at least 30 minutes per day practicing Spanish on Duolingo which is a free app you can download on your phone. (https://www.duolingo.com)  It has grammar and vocabulary practice to help you retain what Spanish you have learned. 

    I will send more information soon.  Please use this enrichment activity to your advantage. It’s free, fun and easy to use.  For all of my Spanish class levels we have already covered the majority of the material so it is important to stay in practice for language retention and perhaps learn more.

    Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.


    Sra. Yetman




    Friday, March 27, 2020


    Please make sure that you log on to our Google Classroom site and out Remind site today.  I will start posting work on the Google classroom site on Monday and will send out due date reminders on Remind.  Here are the codes.  Make sure that you use the codes for your level only.

    Google Classroom:   Spanish 1-3gwuqhi         Spanish 2-mbsfkpv         Spanish 3-jlwj2nt

    Remind:                  Spanish 1-text 81010 with message of @eyetm        Spanish 2-text 81010 w/ @eyetma         Spanish 3-text 81010 w/ @eyetman


    You can ALWAYS send questions to me through my district email (eyetman@amphi.com) and I do plan on using ZOOM for class conferences.  More on that next week.  You will have to submit your work to me through emails and I will record those assignments as they come in.  In general I will send out assginments on a Monday and they should be done by Friday.  We are all on a learning curve here so we will need to be flexible and patient with eachother as we set up our new routines.  Stay safe and check back on google classroom on Monday for your assignments for the week.

    Sra. Yetman