• Study Skills

    Class Overview

    Welcome to Study Skills.  This class is designed for students to learn certain planning skills and study strategies so that they can be more successful with their school work. 

    Required Texts and Materials

    A 3 ring binder with dividers

    Pencils and Pens

    A Highlighter

    Notebook Paper

    Course Content

    Students will use a variety of resources for to practice self advocacy, study techniques and to learn organization.  This period swill be utilized as an intensive support period in all subject areas.  Planners are one the tools we emphasize in our work with students.


    Students will be given daily credit after each class according to the following:

    • Updating weekly planners with details of activities and expectations in each of their classes
    • The planner will include the names of courses, homework, tests and projects due.
    • Students must be 'on task' from bell to bell, to earn the 100 points awarded daily.
    • 'On Task' behaviors include attending to teacher instruction and attention to assignments and projects.
    • Student will maintain respectful behaviors in order to  receive credit. 

     In order to determine the final grade, the number of points will be divided by the number of points possible.  There will be no chance for make-up work in this course as it pertains to being on task and coming prepared.  In the event of excused absence, the student will be excused for the daily credit of those dates.  Attendance is important and good attendance leads to good grades.  Grades are determined as follows:

    Letter Grade    Percentages

          A                90-100%

          B                80-89%

          C                70-79%

          D                60-69%

          F                59% and below



    Amphi High has the right to be a safe place for everyone. In order to ensure that we have apositive and successful year in Room 705, I would like to make sure that all students are aware of their behaviors and what is acceptable. 

    Students are required to:

    • Come prepared
    • Be ready to learn
    • Take responsibility
    • Follow the A List and Code of Conduct