Study Skills Syllabus

    Class Overview

    Welcome to Study Skills.  This class is designed for students to learn and receive academic credit for certain planning skills and study strategies so that they can be more successful with their school work.  Credit recovery is another purpose of Study Skills.  Mrs. Medrano and I are in Study Skills to support students with their on line coursework. 

    You must check in with me on Zoom for attendance everyday at the start of your class period

    Course Content

    Students will use a variety of resources for to practice self advocacy, study techniques and to learn organization.  This period will be utilized as an intensive support period in all subject areas.  Planners  and Goal Progess forms are one the tools we emphasize in our work with students.


    Students will be given daily credit after each class according to the following:

    Goal Progress Forms/Student Planners--50% of their Grade

    • 50% of student grades will be based on the quality of their weekly goal progress forms or their weekly planners. Most study skills students will be doing credit recover through the Odysseyware program. They will set goals each week and report their progress by completing a goal progress form.  
    • If a student is not taking a class through Odysseyware, 50% of their grade will depend on how they complete their weekly planners.  Weekly Planners are where a student tracks what they did, what they learned and what they have to do in  each of their Amphi classes. 

    Bell work 30% of their Grade

    •  Using good sentence structure, capital letter when appropriate and correct punctuation will be how bell work is graded. Students will have a second chance to correct their sentences after I give instruction on how to correct it.  This is NOT like texting.  For example, use a captial 'I' instead of an 'i' when writing sentences.   

    Participation  20% of their Grade

    Students will be graded on how their 'ON TASK' behavior.  These behaviors include attention to their on line class.  Are students on the Odyssey websites? Are they focused, taking notes and asking for help? 

     In order to determine the final grade, the number of points will be divided by the number of points possible. Attendance is important and good attendance leads to good grades.  Grades are determined as follows:

    Letter Grade    Percentages

          A                90-100%

          B                80-89%

          C                70-79%

          D                60-69%

          F                59% and below

     During Distance Learning time, students will start with 50% as a grade.  Their grade can increase as they complete their Goal Progress forms/Planners, Bell work and Participate in class. 


    Amphi High has the right to be a safe place for everyone. In order to ensure that we have a positive and successful year, I would like to make sure that all students are aware of their behaviors and what is acceptable. 

    Students are required to:

    • Come prepared
    • Be ready to learn
    • Take responsibility
    • Follow the A List and Code of Conduct