• Welcome to ELA 7 

    Mr. Woolsey                                                                                                                     Email: dwoolsey@amphi.com

    Room 703                                                                                                                        Phone: (520) 696-6255


    What is expected of me in class?

    1. Be present. You are expected to be fully awake and aware, engaged in the lesson or activity taking place. Turn off all electronic devices (iPods, cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) before coming to class. All cell phones must be stored in your backpack, unless specifically mentioned that you can use them for class. If you are caught using your phone during class, I will take I away and keep it for the duration of class. You may have it back at the end of class. Grooming in class is unacceptable. Please do not have make-up, brushes, combs, perfume, cologne or other accessories out during class time.
    2. Be respectful- of your peers, your school and your classroom. Behave in a way that will build a sense of classroom unity and trust.
    3. Be a team player-Every team is only as strong as its weakest player. We work as a team every day. When you arrive in class, be prepared to challenge your classmates and expect them to challenge you. Giving up is not an option. You are not expected to know everything and be an expert on the English language walking in to class, but you are expected to give your best effort.


    What are the consequences if I behave inappropriately?

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Conference
    3. Phone Call Home
    4. Referral


    What can I expect from Mr. Woolsey?

     I promise to bring you a respectful, challenging, and interesting classroom. I will do my very best to make sure that every student is successful in this class. I WANT you to succeed and learn. I will communicate all of my ideas effectively, be available to help and encourage, and do my very best to guide you along your path to English mastery. I have high expectations and I expect you to give me your best work all of the time.  I am looking forward to a great year!


    What should I do if I need help?

    Come to me for help immediately! The sooner you communicate an issue to me, the easier it will be to solve. I will be in my classroom 30 minutes before class and 30 minutes after school. You can also reach me by telephone or email (listed above). Tutoring is available in the library on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 3:45-5:00pm if you need additional help or time to work on assignments.


    What should I do if I’m tardy or absent?

    If you are tardy, take your seat right away. I begin class when the bell rings, so it is important that you not disrupt the learning that is taking place. Be sure to turn in any homework to the inbox at the end of the period. The school wide tardy policy will be enforced in this class, no exceptions.


    If you are absent, you have one week to make up any missing work. Check the calendar and the folder in front of the classroom to find out what assignments were missed. It is your responsibility to find what make-up work you need to do; it is not mine to remind you. An absence does not excuse you from a test or quiz. Any assignments that are missed must be made up within the next week, outside of class time.


    Tardy policy: Any student that arrives more than 5 minutes late to class must be marked absent. All students with more than 8 absences must make up hours or risk losing credit for the course.



    What do I bring to class every day?

    3 ring binder with sections for notes and assignments

    Notebook-college ruled-for Bellwork and journal entries

    Writing utensil (pen, pencil w/ eraser)


    Cambridge Curriculum:

    The purposes of this course are to develop your ability to communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively when speaking and writing. You will also learn how to use a wide range of vocabulary and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Finally, you will develop a personal style and awareness of audience being addressed.  You will be expected to read both for class and for your own enjoyment to further your awareness of the ways in which English can be used.

    This class has a heavy emphasis on reading and writing, you will do a lot of both. You will read a variety of text both in class and independently. You will be required to have an independent reading book with you at all times, if you do not have a book, there are numerous books that are available to you, both at the library and here.  Additionally, you are required to keep a journal of your independent reading which will be checked every week.

    The end goal of this course is to complete a portfolio of three written pieces which will be sent into the Cambridge Institute for a grade and to take the Cambridge exam.

    Portfolio You are expected to create a portfolio of work that will be submitted to Cambridge University for scoring.  Your portfolio will contain 3 pieces of writing

    • Assignment 1: informative, analytical, and/or argumentative
    • Assignment 2 : imaginative, descriptive, and/or narrative
    • Assignment 3: directed writing in response to a text
    • Exam The exam has three questions.
    • Question 1 involves reading a text and writing a response to it
    • Question 2 involves identifying and explaining writer’s effect in the text you read for question 1
    • Question 3 involves writing a summary and identifying key points of a separate text  Course Work-50% Course work is defined as all of the work done, including the final draft of the paper that you will be writing. We will be focusing on: descriptive, analytical, argumentative, narrative, informative, and summary papers.Bellwork is done at the beginning of every class and closure will be given at the end. Points will be given every day. Class work will be collected at the end of the period. 90%-100%=A70%-79%=C59% or lower =FDrafts and Final Drafts  If a student plagiarizes, copies, cheats, or violates protocol on any quiz, test or assignment, that work will be entered in the grade book as a ZERO and will not be able to be made up. There are no exceptions or excuses.
    • What happens if I cheat, copy, or plagiarize another student’s work?
    • All final drafts must be typed. Rough drafts may be hand written, but they must be legible. If I cannot read your paper I cannot help you with your paper. You will write many different drafts in many different styles that you will eventually use for you final coursework pieces. You will keep all of your rough drafts, this way you should have a large body of work to choose fromI pay close attention to what you are doing because I want you to succeed.
    • 60%-69%=D
    • 80%-89%=B
    • Grades will be updated weekly. Letter grades will be calculated on the following scale:
    • Independent Reading-20% it is required to do independent reading in this class. Your grade will be assessed by book reports.
    • Classroom Conduct-30% Classroom Conduct includes your behavior in the classroom, Bellwork, Assignments, and Tests.
    • How will my grade be calculated?
    • We will be exploring and delving deeper into both the coursework and exam as the school year progresses.