• Technical Theatre I provides a hands-on approach to the various elements required to produce a live stage performance. The students will practice safety in all aspects of theatre technology throughout the year. Students will study the areas of design and construction through lighting, sound, scenery, costumes, and props. The student will create designs through sound and light, scenery, costumes, and props using theatrical construction standards. These students may also participate in the creation and construction of the various shows within the CDO Theatre Dept. NOTE: Each student is expected to run at least 1 show per semester.


    Tech. Theatre I Syllabus



    Technical Theatre II is an extention of Tech. Theatre I. The students are actively involved in producing the nine shows presented during the season. A strong, independent work ethic is expected as they are responsible for completing show tasks and instructing Tech. I students. Students crew the musical and Little Theatre performances and may be hired as Student Technicians for the various user groups throughout the year. Tech. Theatre II students take the Arizona Department of Education Career Technical Education Technical Theatre exam in the Spring for Technical Theatre competence. Students receive a certificate and outline of skills they have mastered.


    Technical Theatre III is the culmination of skills in Technical Theatre. Students apply the previous year's experience to design and build the fall musical. Students explore careers and educational opportunities in this field. External internships and shadowing opportunities are pursued as well.


    Tech Theatre Video