• Virtual Performances '20-'21:

    All Elementary Spring Musical '21 ~ "Children of the World"

    Veterans Day Tribute

    Wilson Elementary Choir '20 Holiday Performances:

    "Deck the Hall"

    "Hanukkah Festival"

    "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"


    Music Class Information

    The elementary students at Wilson get to come to music once a week. My main goal is to make the classes fun so that they will enjoy exploring the different aspects of music. Each grade level puts on a musical each year.

    The curriculum is based on the Arizona Department of Education Standards and Amphitheater District Standards. Basically, many of the standards are met through lessons involving movement, singing, playing instruments, listening to musical excerpts, and learning basic music terminology.

    Grades will be standards based. Grades are given every quarter. If you want to know your child's progress, please contact me and I will be happy to let you know how they are doing.

    I have three classroom rules:

    • Respect each other
    • Respect the classroom
    • Be Your Best! 

    If any student does not follow these rules, they will first receive a warning. If their poor behavior continues, they will either be separated from the group for "think time", journal their behavior (for grades 3-5), or go to the Responsibility Room. If there is still a problem, I will discuss a solution with their classroom teacher and/or call the parent.

    Elementary Choir

    Choir is available for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade students. There are no auditions so any student who wants to sing is welcome. We meet once a week. Practices will be on Thursdays, after school, from 2:00-3:20 and occasionally on Tuesdays during their lunch recess from 11:15-11:45.  Choir students are expected to be at every rehearsal. They may be excused with notification from a parent. There is typically a Winter Concert in December and a Spring Concert in May. We usually sing at the Oro Valley Holiday Celebration, the Wilson Fine Arts Festival, and the District Choral Festival at Ironwood Ridge High School(TBA).  We may also be sing the National Anthem for a Tucson Roadrunners Hockey game with the Wilson Middle School Choirs in late January or early February.

    You may be able to access this year's permission slip and information sheet here: Choir Letter  

    Or sign up online here.  (although I will still need a signed permission slip or a confirmation email from the parent's email address registered with the school office)

    Wilson Elementary Choir Dec. 2010


    3rd grade 

    During the year the 3rd graders will be learning to play the recorder. The concert is not yet scheduled.

    Besides having the students play the recorder to meet the state standards in music, it gives the 3rd graders an idea of what it might be like to play a more advanced instrument. Thus, those students who are interested can continue with band or orchestra in their 4th grade year.

    Since the students have music once a week, I would like for them to be able to practice at home with their own recorder. In the past, I have allowed students to take one home from school. Unfortunately, many students forgot to bring them back and some even lost or broke the recorders. So, I am asking you if you could go to the local music store and purchase a recorder for them to practice and play on.

    Typically, recorders cost around $5. Sometimes, dollar stores and toy stores have them, but they are usually not in the same key as a regular soprano recorder and are lower quality. While they would still be useful for practicing on, they would not work in the group setting.

    Parents, of course, are invited to the morning concert if you are available as there will be no evening concert. The students will perform 8-10 songs and the concert should last a little over twenty minutes.

    A Recorder Song


    Student Musicals 

    Each grade level* performs a musical program together. Participation is required from each student as it reflects part of the performance aspect of their grade. If for any reason your child is unable to attend, please contact me. The programs are typically about a half an hour long. You will receive more information as your child's musical nears. See the table below for dates.

    *I assist the Kindergarten teachers in the preparation for the songs at the Kindergarten graduation. See them for details.






    Kinder graduation 

     May 18th



    The Grumps of Ring a Ding Town

     Dec. 2nd




    of You & Me

    Apr. 27




    Nov. 17th




    If you would like to come in and help in any way, please contact me to schedule your visit. We would love to have volunteers who are skilled in the performing arts and would like to give us a demonstration. We also welcome help in set design, making props, etc.

    I help organize the Talent Show and we are always looking for help with the audition process and the day of the show. 

    You could also get involved with the PTO, which is very supportive of the arts at this school.