• The art studio is a space for creativity.

    It is a place for art students to visually express themselves within the guidelines given for each project. The guidelines are designed to focus on specific elements of art, and principles of design, while using different art materials. Each student has the ability to reach his or her highest potential. Projects are designed to challenge all levels of ability, while being sensitive to those who are beginners. Art is fun and all kids may be surprised and delighted to discover that they have that expressive talent within themselves.

    For each grade level, different projects will be introduced, while students continue to hone their artistic skills at their grade level.

    • Basic design, space, line, color and value tone.
    • Famous artists marking the different art phases in progression: Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism and Abstract art.
    • Cultural art from around the world: India, Indonesia, Tibet, Europe, Africa, China, Japan, Mexico and more.
    • Observational art: traditional still life in drawing and painting, animal drawing, texture, mixed media and textile projects.

    Three dimensional art projects vary from clay (coil, slab, sculpt), to wood sculpture, paper sculpture, relief sculpture and paper mache.

    Lots of fun!