• The elementary students at Harelson get to come to music once a week for 50 minutes. My main goal is to make the classes fun so that they will enjoy exploring the different aspects of music. Each grade level performs in a musical play each year.

    Musical Plays

    Every grade level produces at least one musical play each year.  All students will sing in the choir.  The audition process is optional, but if a student would like to have a special singing, speaking or acting part in the play, they must audition.  The students audition during music class in front of their peers.  I use a Score Sheet to assist me in casting the play.  The student that gets the highest score will get the part that they requested.  Some students might not get the part that they requested but may be assigned a different part of equal or lesser difficulty and responsibility.  The students know that if they audition they MUST be willing to accept a different part as long as it is of equal or lesser difficulty.  I do not share the audition scores with the students or anyone else.  It is strictly for my use in casting the play.

    The Kindergarten teachers are responsible for the kinder productions.  They produce a Holiday Show, a Rodeo and a Graduation!  Please contact a Kindergarten teacher for any questions about these performance.

    If you would like to view the score sheet click here:  Audition Score Sheet

    Performance & Rehearsal Dates

    Classroom Rules & Consequences

    Be Kind

    Be Safe

    Do Your Best

    Raise Your Hand

    Students enter the room quietly and ready to learn.  Each student has a name card that they decorate themselves and they sit in rows.  On one side their name is colored in green and the other side their name is colored in yellow.  Green means "Way to Go!" you are following the rules.  Yellow means "slow down and think" you are not following one of the rules. If a student continues with the incorrect behavior they go to red which is the "think time" desk.  For students in K-2 they sit at the desk quietly for a number of minutes equal to their age.  I will help them fill out a Think Time form at the end of class.  For students in 3-6 they fill out a behavior reflection form.  This is to help them calm down and re-focus on what they should be doing.  When the student returns to their name card, all is forgiven and they turn their card back to green. The form will go home with the student for the parent to sign.  This does not go on any sort of permanent record.  This is just so the parent is aware of the nature and frequency of the problems the student might be having at school. If a student continues to misbehave while in "think time" they are sent to the office and I call their parents to let them know what happened.

    A report is given to the teacher regarding the over-all class behavior. 



    Needs Improvement



    I use a combination of lessons I have written myself and a curriculum called "Share the Music" by McGraw Hill.

    Thanks to your school tax credit donations and with some help from the PTO I was able to purchase a classroom set of violins so I can teach the 3rd grade students how to read music by playing the violin!  This is a great investment that I will be able to use year after year after year!  They will also learn to play a small plastic flute called a recorder.

    The students still need, and would greatly appreciate, your donations to the Fine Arts fund.  This money is used to fund our amazing band and orchestra programs, as well as the MANY musical plays that are performed each year.

    If you would like to help by giving a completely refundable school tax credit, please download this form and return it with a check to the school secretary. Any amount is appreciated. Don't forget to specify that you are donating to Fine Arts.

    The students and I thank you very much!