• Behavior at School:

    Students are expected to adhere to the classroom and school rules on a daily basis. If your child repeatedly misbehaves we will need to have a parent/teacher conference. If poor behavior continues after the conference your student will be sent to our behavior interventionist (Mrs. Diane Montano). Things like fighting, stealing, or damaging school property will result in an automatic referral to the behavior interventionist or principal.

    Each day the students start on “Ready to Learn” and move up or down based on their positive or negative behavior. This chart (along with their behavior sheet) will follow each group of students as they move between the 2 classrooms. This chart corresponds with the weekly behavior sheet that will come home to you on Mondays. Please look for the sheet and make sure to sign it.

    If your child has an amazing day at school and their name ends up above “Bulldog Best” you will receive a phone call or email home about your child’s exemplary day!

    If your child gets on “Teacher’s Choice” they will lose their PM recess. If your student gets on “Parent Contact” then you will receive a phone call or email (whichever you prefer) from the teacher whose room the poor behavior occurred. Your child will also lose both recesses the next day.

    Students who complete their homework, class work, behave all week, return their behavior sheet signed & on-time will earn a 45 minute free choice time on Tuesday mornings after breakfast. This is something the entire 4th grade participates in and students are able to enjoy free choice in all of the 4th grade classrooms.

     behavior chart




    Weekly Information Sheets

    We will always do our best to keep in contact with you through weekly behavior sheets (pictured right). The front of this sheet tells you their behavior all week & whether they have completed their classwork for each subject. The back of the sheet tells you what standards they have learned in each subject and whether they have completed their homework or not. If you need more contact than that come see us, email us, or call us! We are here for you!