• Welcome to the Amphitheater School District! I am proud to be the Associate Superintendent for Elementary Education. I am a native Tucsonan who has grown up and attended schools in our community from elementary school through graduate school. My passion for education, learning, and our community is very deep. I am a proud mom of an adult daughter and grandmother to a wonderful granddaughter. My daughter is a product of the Amphitheater School District and holds a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona. If you are visiting our page to select a school district in Tucson, you have come to the right place.

    Defining Moment in Education

    I suppose the most defining moment in my education was the realization as a young child that I never wanted learning to stop. I love to learn, I love to teach, and I love to watch others learn.

    Core Educational Belief

    All children are learners. It is very important for all of our students to learn to think critically, solve problems, become good citizens, and have a good content understanding in all disciplines. The arts are a critical component of a quality education. All students need an understanding of how to stay healthy and physically fit for life.

    Prior Experience

    • REACH Program Teacher, Grades 1-12
    • Peer Evaluator/Facilitator
    • REACH Program Department Head
    • Principal of Walker Elementary School
    • Teacher Incentive Fund Grant Director
    • Career Ladder Director
    • Executive Director of Organizational Support
    • Chief Academic Officer, Elementary Education


Roseanne Lopez
  • Roseanne Lopez, Ed.D.
    Associate Superintendent for Elementary Education

    Phone: 520-696-5174
    Email: rlopez@amphi.com

    • Ed.D. Educational Leadership
      University of Arizona
    • M.Ed. Educational Administration
      University of Arizona
    • B.A. Elementary Education
      University of Arizona