• Design "How to's"

    When designing a document, program, or booklet having the right components in place is the most vital part. Following are some tips and instructions on designing and submitting jobs.

    The following are programs that are acceptable for submission to Graphics and Printing. For Macintosh and PCs: Microsoft Publisher, Adobe PageMaker, and Adobe in Design. Please do not submit documents in Microsoft Word unless it is a text only document.

    When submitting a document by disk or e-mail, fonts will need to be included. Many times clients believe that because they have the �basic� programs that fonts are compatible, however this is not always the case. Many times computers will have special programs loaded that include and load fonts. When used in a document and then transferred, the fonts are then substituted. To copy fonts, please do the following:
    1. Open the disk to be used.
    2. Go to the desktop and open �My Computer�
    3. Double click on �Control Panel�
    4. Selected fonts used and drag them to the disk you are using.

    If you are e-mailing your documents, please include font disk with work order or send in PDF format.

    1. Open a new publisher file.
    2. From the File menu (located at the top of the screen) select Page Set Up.
    3. Under Choose a Publication Layout select Special Fold.
    4. Under Choose A Special Fold select Book Fold.
    5. Under Choose Orientation select Landscape.
    6. Select OK. This will format your page.
    7. Under Insert menu select Page. Type in the number of 1/2 pages for finished booklet size of 81/2 x 5 1/2 or full pages you will need or the number of full pages you will need for a finished size of 11 x 17. Remember, a booklet must be planned in multiples of four.
    8. Now you are ready to design your booklet. Enter all information from page 1� end.

    1. To add automatic page numbers you must go to the Background Feature.
    2. From the View menu choose Go to Background. This will allow you to place page numbers or objects that need to be on each page.
    3. From the Tool Menu select the �A� icon for a text frame, click and drag a small box where you desire your number to be placed. From the Insert menu select Page Numbers, this will place a �#� sign in the text frame you created. Perform the action to the �R� right & �L� left page. When completed, select from the View menu Return to Foreground.
    4. To delete a page number or object on a single page, select from the View menu, Ignore Background. Only items visible while in Foreground Mode will be printed.

    1. Select the Clip Art Icon and place a clipart frame by clicking and dragging. This will automatically launch into the clip art library.
    2. Using the library search for the desired clip art.
    3. When found simply click the item needed and it will automatically be placed.
    4. Close the clip art library and resize inserted clip art to fit your document.

    1. Select the object you wish to have a wrap around.
    2. From the Format menu select Object Frame Properties.
    3. Choose either Entire Wrap or Picture Only.
    4. When done select OK.

    1. Whether you are sending a hard copy to Graphics and Printing or sending a disk for us to access, please submit a �finished� sample of your document.
    2. From the File menu select Print.
    3. Select Print All Pages.
    4. OK - Publisher will automatically format the pages in the order they will need to be for printing.

    Although color photos are acceptable, we recommend that all color photos be converted into grayscale to assure that the photos are not too dark or too light.
    Open Microsoft Photo Editor� if Microsoft Photo Editor is not visible follow the following directions:
    1. Go to the Start Window at lower left hand corner of screen.
    2. Select Programs
    3. Select Microsoft Office Tools
    4. Select Microsoft Photo Editor
    5. Open desired photo.

    1. In Microsoft Photo Editor:
    2. File menu select Properties
    3. Under Type select Grayscale.
    4. If color still needs adjusting you can do so by selecting the Image Brightness button on the Standard Toolbar (�sun� icon) located at the top of the screen.


    1. Choose the Select icon (broken square) from the toolbar.
    2. Click and drag over the portion of photo you wish to copy.
    3. Select the Copy icon (double pages).
    4. Return to Publisher.
    5. Paste by selecting Paste option on Tool bar (clipboard and paper).