• Throughout the year, a variety of texts from the 7th grade Literature textbook will be assigned. Students are expected to access this textbook online, as well as multiple supplementary materials, including background videos, gramar tutorials, and vocabulary support. The link to the Pearson website is on my assignments page.  In addition, we study at least one novel together during the year.  (In 2015-2016, I shared with them Katherine Paterson's The Great Gilly Hopkins.)

    Students practice making inferences, building connections between texts, determining theme and central idea, and analyzing the authors' use of literary devices. Throughout the year, we build academic vocabulary that enable us to discuss literature and writing more precisely. Students also build understanding of words coming from Greek and Latin roots.

    In addition to writing short essays (2-3 paragraphs) in response to several reading selections, throughout the year, students will complete descriptive, persuasive, and expository essays in response to different prompts.  Students will also use the online Essay Scorer program to receive feedback as they revise their drafts.