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    Mandi Hering​ is a master teacher in Economics with over 15 years teaching experience in Economics, AP Economics, Government, AP World History, and US History. In 2012 she earned a Graduate Certificate in Economic Education from the Norton School at the University of Arizona, and in 2000 a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education with a major in History and a Minor in Political Science also from the University of Arizona. In addition, she has an Associates Degree of Liberal Arts and Sciences from Pima Community College. She is also an alumni of the international, performing arts, and community service organization; Up With People.


    Mrs. Hering is a master teacher workshop presenter; offering professional development workshops in Economic Education for Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers. She also has served as a fellow for the University of Arizona Center for the Philosophy of Freedom. She has completed over 220 hours of professional development in Economic Education, and has a passion for teaching students and teachers about Economics.


    In addition to teaching; Mrs. Hering is the mother of two children, one of which is special needs. She is proficient in German, and holds a black belt in Shuri-Ryu Karate, and a purple belt in Jujitsu. She enjoys traveling domestically and abroad, and participating in community service.


    The centerpiece of Mrs. Hering's educational philosophy is to make the content interactive and relevant, which positively impacts students’ lives. To capture all types of learners, her presentations include readings, lectures, music, videos, real world examples, hands-on activities, and simulations. If you were to observe Mrs. Hering's class over a period of a few days, you would see the students doing something different each day; yet there is a consistency of routine and expectations that include life skills of promptness, responsibility and organization. 


    About My Classes

    Government is a semester 12th grade class that is required for graduation. This class covers the three branches of government with an emphasis on civil liberties.

    Economics is a semester 12th grade class that is required for graduation. This class covers basic economic principles; inculding macro and microeconimics with an emphasis on personal finace.

    World History is an introductory class to world history, culture, and geogrpahy with a focus on informational paragraph writing. 

    AP World History is a comprehensive history course to prepare students for the AP World History Exam. This class is conducted in an accelerated pace (approximately one chapter per week) and requires an extensive amount of out-of-class reading. It is for motivated students who aspire to take the AP exam.

    US/AZ History- US/AZ History is a two semester 11th grade class covering the American Revolution to present time emphasizing political, social, and economic themes. This class is required for graduation.