Graduation Requirements

    Students must earn the total number of credits and pass the American Civics Test, take CPR and fulfill the ECAP. Below are specific requirements; the balance of credits are to be selected from elective courses for a minimum of 22 credits.

    Students are encouraged to take six classes each year to be best prepared for college and career options.

    English 4.0 Credits

    Math 4.0 Credits (Sequence begins with Algebra 1)

    Science 3.0 Credits

    Social Studies 3.0 Credits (World History, US/AZ History, Government/Economics)

    PE 1.0 Credit*

    Career & Technical Education or Fine Art 1.0 Credit (Fine Art is particular to out-of-state university admissions)**

    Electives 6.0 Credits (two of the same Foreign Language electives are university admission requirements)

    *Two (2) semesters of Marching Band or JROTC constitutes 0.5 credit physical education.

    **To fulfill this requirement, 1.0 credit must be earned in either CTE or Fine Arts.

    See Requirements for our In-State Universities below: