• Seniors: Apply as early in the fall as possible - don't wait to improve your SAT scores. Schools will continue to evaluate new SAT or ACT scores, so you need to complete your application first, and then continue to send scores.

    There are different types of admissions - you need to understand these before you began applying.: know the difference between Early Action and Early Decision, the latter is "binding." Click here to learn about types of admissions

    Out-of-state universities have different requirements and processes for applicants. Check specific sites for schools and begin researching your options early. College Board is a great place to begin.

    The Application Process for In-state Universities:

    1.  Complete the online application for the university. (Complete the personal statement if applicable.)Pay the application fee.
    2.  Send your SAT or ACT scores if you have not already done so.

    3.  Order your CDO transcript: we can mail it or you mail it - ask in the counseling office.
    4.  Continue to check your email  - the school will notify you of any steps you need to take through email.

    It's that simple.

    The Common Application is a not-for-profit organization that serves students, secondary schools and universities (over 500 universities use the Common Application - our in-state universities do not).

    Some universities, and the Common Application require letters of recommendation. Do your research and prepare for this requirement by contacting your "recommenders" and completing the Recommendation Guide. 

    Tip: Meet with your counselor before you submit the Common Application and before you email, or an email is sent, requesting a letter of recommendation! Click here for the Letter of Recommendation Guide

    The Personal Statement, otherwise referred to as the College Essay

    Check out the resources below for tips on writing your personal statement. Colleges and the Common Application might have different prompts each year, but there are guidelines you should follow, regardless of the prompt.

    Writing the Personal Statement Power Point

    Writing the "Why Us" Statement

    Writing the Personal Statement

    Essay Prompts on The Common Application

    Tips from College Board