• An Invitation to Become Involved


    Public education in America was founded on the principle of governance by the people through elected representation.  District constituents exercise that right through the Governing Board of the school district.

    For over 125 years, voters have had the opportunity to elect community members to govern the District as members of Amphitheater's five-member Governing Board.  Board Members, together with District administration, have remained firmly focused on providing students with a solid public education.

    The provision of an educated work force and knowledgeable citizenry is vital for society.  Amphitheater Public Schools, along with other public schools, is vested with this responsibility.  Founded in 1893, Amphitheater is in its second century of service to students and the community, and the Board is aggressively accepting this challenge.  Our mission is to empower all students to become contributing members of society, equipped with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world.  

    The Amphitheater Governing Board encourages participation in both District and school activities.  District involvement provides opportunities for the community to become familiar with the work of the Governing Board.  At Board meetings, there are calls for Public Comment as well as the opportunity to speak to specific items on the agenda.  Please accept the invitation to attend Governing Board meetings.