• Defining Moment in My Education

    As a high school student, I decided to explore the world of elementary education. By taking the class, Aspire to Teach, offered by my high school, I was exposed to teachers that were true role models.  This exposure of helping students learn and the joy of succeeding motivated me to want to help children. 

    Core Educational Beliefs

    Create a Successful Learning Community- Students need to feel comfortable in their environment. Students must feel open to share their ideas in their little learning community. My goal will be establishing a feeling of safety that promotes openness and feel respected among peers. All human beings will work together and takes everyone strengths and showcase them throughout the classroom. I will show this by throughout the day having problem solving skills take place and encourage the students to work together. Students will be encouraged to take risks and become more rigorous learners.
    Positive Teacher/ Student Relationship- I want to show my students that I am always there for them and a confidant if they need to express any of their feelings or problems. I want to have my classroom be a positive learning environment and it starts great relationships. I want to maintain my role as a teacher; however, I want my students to think of me as a friend as well. I know that this is a hard line to balance on. I will strive this by showing my students that I am trustworthy authority figure that will keep all students best interest in mind that treats all people fairly.
    Ability Levels- I know every student learns at a different pace. I will try to be aware of these different skill levels and will modify lessons in order to differentiate my learning. I realize that there are all sorts of learning styles and I strive to help the students become aware of what helps them learn the best. I am very open with my students on what helps me learn. I am a visual learner, I talk with my hands and draw pictures to help me understand.  I will also encourage students to answer is ways that are outside their comfort-zone and I will do the same as I teach.
    Presenter of Knowledge- As a teacher I love to get my students talking to one another. I feel that my job is merely a facilitator of learning for the students. I want my students to discover their knowledge and help encourage other and fellow learners. I love have project-based learning that will get the students thinking outside-the-box. This will have the students excited about what they are learning versus yawning through, yet, another lecture.
    Authentic Experiences- I feel that it is important for students to know what they are learning and how it connects to the real world. As a teacher, I never want to answer my students on why they have to know this is, “because of the test.” I want to show my students that all subjects connect to real life, but more importantly, all subjects connect to each other. I want to leave my students with more to think about after they leave my class. I want them to reflect on how they are becoming learners and exactly what type of learner they will want to come.