• MAP Testing/AZ Merit Practice Tests

    We will participate in MAP (Measurement of Academic Performance) three times during the school year- August, January, & in May. Students will be tested on the vocabulary found on the MAP test in class according to their RIT SCORE RANGE. Students will continue to test on the same test until they pass with a 100%.

    The following is a link to all of the MAP vocabulary words for Reading, Math, Language Arts and Science. At Harelson in 5th grade, we only will test in Reading and Math.


    In addition, MAP skills can be practiced at home. MAP RIT score ranges will be available after testing has concluded. By using your students RIT score,  activities can be practiced at home to strengthen and develop skills.

    MAP Reading Activities - Activities based on MAP Scores 

    MAP Reading/Writing Links- Activities for reading/writing practice

    Map Math Activities - Activities based on MAP Scores

    MAP Math Links- Activities for math practice

    AZ Merit Sample Tests- Sample tests for reading, writing, and mathematics