• The AHS Gaming Club!


    "Paying Anything To Roll The Dice Just One More Time!"   

    About the Club:

    MUCH MORE THAN MONOPLY!This is an after school club centered on "analog" hobby gaming. We are analog because this is not a video game club - instead, we focus on "unplugging" and playing strategy board and card games as well as the occasional pen & paper roleplaying game.


    We love almost all games and are happy to play new games as well as old classics. The gaming club has an extensive library of games, and both club members and Mr. Scrivner frequently bring in games from their personal collections to share with the club. Regular titles include:

    Go, Shogi, Settlers of Catan, Agricola, Magic: The Gathering, Game of Thrones, Warhammer 40k, Cosmic Encounter, The Resistance, Dungeons & Dragons, Diplomacy and many more classic and new titles.

    Who Can Join?

    Our club is open to all students at AHS!

    When and where do you meet?

    We meet on Tuesdays after school in Mr. Scrivner's room (G1). Our gaming sessions typically run from 4:05 - 6:00 PM. (Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation home.)

    Do you hold any special events?

    Yes! We do Saturday game marathons, as well as hold special fundraisers and participate in community service.


    Contact Mr. Scrivner at mscrivner@amphi.com or stop by room G1 for more information.

    [GAMING CLUB AT THE CLUB CARNIVAL FUNDRAISER, 9/30/22, Photo credit: Conroy Anderson]



    1. I agree to abide by the rules of a game as written unless there is unanimous agreement to change a rule.

    2. I agree to show good sportsmanship and have a sense of humor.

    3. Whether role-playing or board gaming, I agree to keep my language and the situations and characters I describe relatively PG-13. I agree to pay the cuss monkey if I mess up and curse.

    4. What happens in game stays in game; I agree to play the current game and not be influenced by the last one.

    5.  I agree not to take it personally; I agree not to make it personal.

    6. I agree to reroll cocked dice or dice that land on the floor.

    7. I agree to solve any immediate conflicts with other players not covered in the rules through rock-paper-scissors.

    8. I agree to avoid kibitizing (giving other players unsolicited strategy advice when I am not in their game.)

    9.  I agree to treating the boxes, rulebooks, cards, chits, tokens, papers, etc of a game with respect. I agree not to slam, fold, bend, tear, chew on, throw or otherwise mutilate any game materials.

    10. I agree not to eat or drink while playing a game. (Food or drink is ok in the room, just not at the game table.)

    11.  I agree to allow newbies to take-back, redo, or fix newbie mistakes during play. I understand that our real goal is to just have fun.