• Honors Seminar:  Course Overview

    Honors Internship is a yearlong course that gives bright and high-achieving juniors and seniors the opportunity to “launch and learn” while still in high school.   It is a chance for students to explore their talents and aspirations with authentic experiences in their fields of interest.  Students are required to secure and complete 180 hours of supervised fieldwork in one of the following formats:

    Practicum:  Work alongside and learn from a career professional in the occupational environment

    Entrepreneurship:  Start, develop, and manage a business venture

    Apprenticeship:  Work with an expert to study, gain essential skills, qualifications, and/or certification toward work in a specialized field or craft

    Community Initiative:  Plan and carry out a long-term project that positively affects our community

     Course Perquisites

    • Student qualifies for gifted services or demonstrates success in advanced-level coursework with:
    • At least 3.5 weighted GPA
    • Successful completion of at least 2 Pre AP, AP, or advanced classes
    • No grade lower than a “B” in core classes
    • Successful completion of pre-registration proposals and onboarding process
    • Strong work ethic
    • Advanced reading, writing, and critical thinking skills
    • Demonstrated record of initiative, maturity, and responsible behavior
    • Reliable record of regular attendance
    • Capacity and desire for independent, self-directed work
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to provide own reliable transportation for internship
    • Concurrent enrollment in at least 4 additional classes to maintain status as a fulltime student

    In addition to fieldwork, students attend weekly college-style seminar classes in which they:

    • Complete research projects to explore their interests, talents, and aptitudes
    • Plan and prepare for educational paths and future careers
    • Pursue and apply for college acceptance and scholarships (seniors only)
    • Develop and continually refine resumes
    • Cultivate and polish communication and interviewing skills
    • Read independently and participate in group discussions about current topics in education and the world of work